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Notre Dame de Sion

I was chasing two 1959 photos from the same lot with the students of Sankt George's Kolleg in 1927. It is obvious that there is no such structure in Burgazada. Gonce Ozanalp (Gonce Enünlü) answered the question as Notre Dame de Sion when I asked if it could be an Austrian High School. Just to be sure, I asked again, here is her answer:

“Yes, I am one hundred percent sure. Have no doubt. I also studied at that school. Moreover, I recognized my friends, albeit faintly. I even coincidentally spoke on the phone two days ago with the student bowing before Mère Supérieure. I came across these photos the next day, that is, yesterday.”

It's just a coincidence :) I have no idea why they were auctioned in the same lot. Maybe one of the students in the photo will answer this question one day. Although I cannot associate it with the Burgazada archive for now, I thought it appropriate to share it in order to serve Notre Dame de Sion graduates or collectors.

Many thanks to Ms. Gonce for her support. He is from Büyükada, and he has not been able to come to the island because he has been living in Canada for 3 years. Sending his love from Canada and wishing the « bonne chance » good luck on this journey in pursuit of the ephemera.

The nun sitting in the front is Directrice Mere Marie-Berthe.

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