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St Georg's Kolleg Burgazada 1927

I share my collection with the first-in, first-out method as much as possible. Since the newcomers from the auction or the second-hand bookshop are not scanned, it is more functional for me to operate the system like this. I had to make an exception for this photo because it is a continuation of both the Private Sankt Austrian High School and the ephemera of 1927 that I shared recently.

Gathered to play football in Burgazada, St. George's Kolleg/ Private Sankt Austrian High School students. On the reverse side it may be written "Memorial Magi" and "Friends of the Magi", although I am not entirely sure. There is no information about the place, but I think it is Bayraktepe. The place of this photograph is very special to me as one of the last generation who had a football match before the goal posts were dismantled in the place formerly known as Hristos and the new name Bayrak Tepe, located on the top of the island. Although the champion team of 95 years ago entered the archive last, it is in the first place for sharing :)

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