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Legends and Map of Burgaz Island by Illustrator Stoiyanna

Legends of Burgaz Island series, designed by illustrator Natali Stoiyanna Erkaraman who is from Burgaz Island,consists of 8 illustrations with different stories such as Madam Marta bay, milk bay and sea monsters. Burgaz Island Map is a gift from Natali to all islanders. You can download the map from the link below.

Burgaz Island Map by Illustrator Stoiyanna

I used this map when introducing Burgaz Island in my daughter's kindergarten. It was very instructive in terms of cartography, and it was also interesting for children to indicate the hiking and cycling routes, to show the restaurant and tea garden with symbols and to mark the important structures of the island with numbers and draw them below.

Finding Indos, where I live, on this map gives me a different happiness.

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