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Eleonora Arhelaou Archive

Painter Eleonora Arhelaou's (1937-2021) archive containing more than 5 thousand photographs of Istanbul has been opened to access at SALT Research. To review:

Burgazada photos in the archive

35 mm, Negative film, Black & White, Issue Dae 1995

35 mm, Negative film, Black & White, Issue Date 1996


Painter Eleonora Arhelaou (1937-2021), born in the Fener district of Istanbul, grew up in Talimhane near Taksim. She completed her high school and undergraduate education in Athens; received her master's in Munich, and studied photography in London. Arhelaou continued her ties with Istanbul; she photographed the city, documenting the changes over time. This archive contains more than 5,000 photographs taken by Arhelaou, in which she traced the Greek architectural heritage in the districts of Beyoğlu, Tarlabaşı, Tepebaşı, Karaköy, Balat, Edirnekapı, Gedikpaşa, Heybeliada, Kurtuluş and Talimhane from the 1970s until 1998.

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