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Denis Ojalvo Archive

Recently, I have received beautiful digital donations from you. Thank you to everyone who believes in open access and that it grows with sharing.

I want to start my archive sharing with the archive of dear Denis Ojalvo on the memoirs of the deceased Harry Ojalvo. There's also a bonus story at the end.

The following name came to my mind for the tab where I will collect the archives on my blog, I hope you like it.

Burgaz ADA (Açık Dijital Arşiv [Open Digital Archive])

Gift of Orhan Özalp

Watercolor painting that the deceased Orhan Özalp, one of the unforgettable names of our Burgazada, took as a gift to the Ojalvo family towards the end of the 1940s. It was made by Orhan Özalp, inspired by a photograph taken from the street where the Mosque is located today.

B.D.K. Board Members Orhan Özalp and Harry Ojalvo in 80's

Adalar Su Sporları Kulübü [Islands Water Sports Club Summer] 1968 Summer

Standing, from left to right: Panayot Stilyanopulos, Nusret Elgin, Lambo Nikodinovic, David Maden

Seated, from left to right: Denis Ojalvo, Ümit Oğuzoğlu

In the background, on the far left, there is the deceased old muhtar, Güngör Yıldırım, and our water polo friend Haşim Kurt. Unfortunately, our friends in the photo Ümit Oğuzoğlu, Panayot Stilyanopulos and Lambo Nikodinoviç passed away. The photos keep them alive.

Memory of "fishing and customer picking cooperative" from the late 1940s or early 1950s with Harry Ojalvo's buddy Muvakkar Orhon:

The incident that caused the cooperative to end as it started was a tragicomic longliner accident. While we were sitting with Muvakkar in the cafe, cutting the heart pieces in the form of dice and attaching them to the longitudinal pins, a cat that came to the edge of the basket started running towards the pier as he grabbed the piece of heart. Longliner also followed him out of the basket and caught a few more cats chasing after his heart. He kicked the cats out of his immoral rage and threw them into the sea.

Quoted by Harry Ojalvo, son Denis Ojalvo

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