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Edgar Manas

The orchestra adaptation of the national anthem, the lyrics of which belongs to Mehmet Akif Ersoy, was made by Prof. It is not known that it was built by Edgar Manas. The "Independence Anthem", which was originally made without a rhyme, was later harmonized after being revised by Edgar Manas. Another work of the artist that will excite the islanders is his suite Les îles des princes (Princes Islands), whose notes were published in Paris by Maurice Senart (later becomes Salabert of Paris) in February 1926. The composition was composed in separate pieces, each as Kınalı, Burgaz, Heybeli, Büyükada. Unfortunately, I could not access any record of the suite. If there is a musician who knows a source I can reach or thinks he can play it, I would like to ask him to contact me.

Edgar Manas Les Iles des Princes (Prince Islands) - II.Antigoni (Burgaz Island)
Edgar Manas Les Iles des Princes (Prens Adaları) - II.Antigoni (Burgazada)
Edgar Manas Les Iles des Princes (Prince Islands) - III.Halki (Heybeli island) & IV.Prinkipo (Büyükada)

Other informations about Prof.Edgard Manas

Born in Istanbul on April 12, 1875, Prof. Edgar Manas is the son of Aleksandr Manas, the first translator of Düyun-ı Umumiye (Public Debts). Throughout his life, he composed a symphony and an oratorio, as well as numerous compositions that I could not share here. Consisting of 75 women in 1924 founded the first Muslim Turkish women choir in Turkey. The song "Eastern Rhapsody" by Edgar Manas, who also composed Turkish folk dances, was performed for the first time in 1959 by the Istanbul Municipality City Orchestra under the direction of Cemal Reşit Rey. The Turkish "Folk Song", composed by Manas, is the expression of the Turkish National Song with a western understanding. "Homeland Song", which he also composed in Turkish, was successfully performed with a 160-person orchestra choir at the Tepebaşı Theater (1933). Among the books and notes of Manas's student Sadeddin Arel presented to the Institute of Turkic Studies, there are pieces that Manas corrected. Prof. Edgar Manas has trained many valuable artists. Harmony, counterpoint and fugue to Sadeddin Arel, He taught Dr.Suphi Ezgi Western music and many Osmanoğulları Western music theory. He said that among these, Şehzade Abdürrahim Efendi and his sister Ayşe Sultan were the most talented. The artist was buried in the Şişli Armenian Catholic Cemetery on his death (11 March 1964).

Source: Pars Tuğlacı, Istanbul Islands Throughout History I.

Cumhuriyet Newspaper - Pars Tuğlacı

The 40th anniversary of the "Adalar" newspaper was celebrated at Akasya Casino in Büyükada on Friday, August 25, 1989. Young pianist Sayat Zaman, he played the suite "Les lles des Princes" (Prince Islands), composed by Prof. Edgar Manas. Istanbul's four inhabited islands (Kinali, Burgaz, Heybeli, Buyukada) for which it was written in separate parts of the creator of this work, Edgar Manas, the first Muslim in Turkey established the Turkish women choir (1924) and harmonized the National Anthem. The mentioned composition of Manas was published by Senar Music Publishing House in Paris in 1927.

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