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Year 1927

As in my last articles, we are again in 1927. Hungarian Botanist & Lichenologist Szalata continues to work in the forests of Burgazada, while the young people of Sankt George's Kolleg are chasing the ball, the young people in the photograph left this pose as a memory for us through the trees. Who knows, maybe for some reason they joined their paths by coincidence...

I was very surprised when I realized that the young man standing on the far right was the same person as in the 1929 photos I bought from a different auction (you can tell when you look closely at his ears). In this case, there is a possibility that these people, whom I think are daytrippers based on the impression I got from the photographs, are natives of the island. Another minor detail is that the young man who had a plaster cast on his arm in 1927 removed the plaster in 1929. What can we say, got well :)

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