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Women of the Island

Production Date - 2012

Format - Documentary, Color, Turkish (6 Episodes)

Director - Nedim Hazar

A Fairy Tale; "Women of the Island"

Women of the Island

Should it be a documentary, a series or a storyboard that passes by all of us? I did not know which pan to put 'Women of the Island' on. We all know Burgaz Island, we must have heard of it even if we don't know it. Sea, Green, Peace, Hope, Sait Faik, and Madam Marta without forgetting ... Nedim Hazar Bora reminded us of the forgotten ones. We came up with a special project. The "Women of the Island" documentary, which has fascinated me since the first part and made me look with a smile, seemed like the fresh cherry grains that were taken off the branch in winter. Our heroes are like, "İnci, Hediye, Rana, Katrin, Şehnaz and Clare" are not like fairy tales? Everyone has a unique story in this tale. Some came to Burgaz Island as a bride, some were born and grown here, and this little place connected with love after some love ... Sait Faik is not connected to this island in vain. He wrote his best writings there. For example, our heroes were working in the house of Sait Faik, the mother of Şehnaz. His father, on the other hand, did not know that Sait Faik was a famous writer until his death. In this lived tale, besides everyone being a living history witness, the authors are actually able to write their own stories and have them read to people. Clare was originally from America, but from Burgazada in a long time. The viewers will see how it is connected to the island with love. Hediye is the best example of East-West synthesis throughout the documentary. Come to the island. He loved the island as well as his wife. Katrin is Greek. He was tied to the island while he was on his mother's lap, and then he could not break it. İnci, lawyer. Islander for 20 years. Its political stance also dominates the island. Rana is the wife of the late journalist Reha Mağden. From the ones who follow your love and fall in love to the island. The Women of Our Island, also put on the stage during the documentary. '' Ghost on the Island '' Everyone worked diligently and gave their roles to the fullest. One of the most important things we see in the documentary "Women of the Island" is "The Tolerance" is the clearest that people can live together regardless of Muslim, Christian, Alevi, Turkish, Greek, Armenian, American, in short, language, religion, ethnicity. has been an indication for us. With tolerance ... The music of the documentary is just as intimate and warm. Carefully selected. Nedim Hazar Bora, who is also a musician, reflected this identity in the most beautiful way. He is also involved in this project. Those who watched have seen, those who don't, will see. This hot fairy tale captivates people with its documentary taste. Endless thanks to everyone who contributed. Frankly, I haven't had the opportunity to meet the heroes and Nedim Hazar Bora, but I will visit them as soon as possible and of course Madam Marta ... As I said, '' Like the fresh cherry grains that are cut off from the branch in the winter season '' I would like to watch this table consisting of six parts and do not forget to taste these fresh cherry grains. 16 December 2012


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

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