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Water Never Wasted!

I recently shared three photographs of Beykoz Water Boat, whose archive I do not know. The owner of one has appeared. It belonged to Dear Deniz Savaşkan, one of the oldest of our Burgaz island. Let's listen to the rest of the story from him.

Deniz Savaşkan and his friend Erol at İndos

I am sitting on the beach (on the left) in front of our house (Indos No 9) and the other one is my friend Erol. He came to visit me that day! Before the number 6 beach opened to the public, we had a private beach in front of our house. There is an empty plot of land four houses ahead of our house, Beykoz water boat anchored in front of the area and a hose came up from that space. All Indos houses would thus fill their cisterns. Once a month the boat would come to the Indos. Therefore, water was very precious back then. It was never wasted.

Note: The aforementioned empty plot still exists ... those who are curious can look at the map I marked my articles.

Unfortunately, the original photo is currently missing. I took two lessons from this story for myself. The first is the importance of digital archive and sharing. Fortunately, I saved this photo during my facebook archeology excavations. The second is that we should newer waste the water. If we continue to spend like this, we can return to the times described above in the near future. Even if what we can do individually is limited, my two humble recommendations for those who want to act; and 25 Litre documentary.

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