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Wolf Hunt in Burgaz Island - December 1975

The three wolves that were scared in Burgaz Island were killed in the hunting drive.

There was a wolf that dreams of children in Burgaz Island. For years, the people of the island had nightmares. The wolf in children's tales came true in Burgaz Island, living by eating sheep, chickens, cats, dogs. One day, perhaps, it would come to people.

There was fear on the island. People were in panic. My beautiful resort was dungeon. Let the islanders could not go out of fear, let alone benefit from the beauty of nature.

At the end of last week Burgaz was excited. Municipal speakers were making announcements all the time: "Hello, alo! Attention! No living at street and pine trees will be found. The wandering wolf will be hit by a hunting drive! ''

Burgaz has never witnessed such a hunt. It was the end of the treacherous wolf!

20 experienced hunters from the Istanbul Hunters and Shooters Specialization Club came to Burgaz that day: the most experienced was not to say the excitement of the 80-year-old Viktor Vartaliti. With his hunter's whistle, he was making long wolf sounds.

After thoroughly searching for the places identified before, Kalpazankaya (Forger Rock) location was surrounded by experienced hunters. Hunting dogs named "Mazot" and "Akbaş" were left in the area surrounded by hunters. The wolves had come to an end, escaping left and right.

The scouts constantly shouted at their friends with various signs. After seeing the imposing monster from the stye, the hunters fired their guns and laid him dead with lead.

The groves will now be comfortable because they would not live with the mother wolf and cubs among the trees. The strong one won again!

Hayat Journal 11 December 1975 No: 50 a fearful story from Garbis Özatay. I wish that they would catch them by numbing first and then release to their natural environment.

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