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Who comes to us from the islands

The tour group, which included Büyükburçlar, Ali Rıza Binboğa, Aydın Tansel, Kartal Kaan, Levent Baki and Hasan Epirden, experienced a lot of excitement until we left.

Islands ferry was full of artists who wanted to relieve their tiredness. The daughters of Büyükburçlar were the mascot of the group.

You have five minutes to leave the 'Bostancı ferry', which will make the voyage to Moda-Kınalıada-Burgaz-Heybeliada-Büyükada. Erol-Emel Büyükbur took us in a hurry. Some of us started to run to the ticket office and some of us to the turnstiles. Anyway, with the participation of Ali Rıza Binboğa and Hasan Epirden and with a little delay, we set off towards Burgaz.

When we Kartal Kaan joined at Moda, there was no missing. At the end of the journey, which lasted for 40 minutes, the majority of those who connected Levent's shouting, "Land appeared, land appeared" to the adventure books he read. After a short motor journey to Burgaz, we came to the place where Erol called “Seagull Island”. Isn't music spoken when musicians meet? Ali Rıza Binboğa's last record, Kartal Kaan's first film was the main subject. Of course, the past good days and island delights are also mentioned, but not to write. I conclude this news, which I found only as a page in bibliopole, with the song ''Come on Youth Hop and Skip'' of Erol Büyükburç.

Museum of Princes' Islands  "From the Shores of the Islands" Exhibition Music Clip Film: Haydi Gençlik Hop Hop (1975) Director: Nuri O. Ergün

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