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Tax Inspector Fisherman (German) Muvakkar Orhon - Hrant Lusigyan & Sinağrit Baba Story

The story of the tax inspetor fisherman (German) Muvakkar Orhon and Hrant Lusigyan I gathered together from various sources.

Islands Museum, Those who left their mark on the Istanbul Islands Exhibition (2010).

Ünlü cazcı Hrant Lusigyan ile Ayten Alpman 1961

A great clarinet tune was distributed from the balcony of Muvakkar Orhon, a German High School and political science graduate fisherman of Burgaz island. Muvakkar raki glass was constantly listening to the famous jazz artist Hrant Lusigyan on the balcony, which had a dark night. Hrant finished his solo and wet his lips with his unique vodka cocktail. Muvakkar started to work as a tax inspector after finishing the civil service. When he discovered a tax evasion incident, when the smuggler offered him a bribe, the Muvakkar beat the man well. However, this was not the case, the men hired by the smuggler soon beat Muvakkar to death. Understanding that the inspectorate job is not for him, Muvakkar bought a fishing engine and settled in Burgaz island and started professional fishing. Hrant Lusigyan, Muvakkar's close friend, runs a cross-stitch shop with his sister in the Hacopulos Passage in Beyoğlu. He played clarinet and saxophone with jazz orchestras at Park Hotel, Hilton, Tokatlıyan and Taksim's famous bohemian club Foaye. It was one of the major jazz stars of the Swing era in Turkey. Lusigian and her sister's shop were also burned during the events of 6-7 September. Now he had to make a living only with music. In the mid-60s, when popular music was rising rapidly, jazz music did not earn as much money as before. The clarinet and saxophone master, who had difficulty in making a living, took refuge with his friend Muvakkar, close to Burgaz island. They shared the same house for many years. Lusigyan, who remained in the middle after the death of Muvakkar, settled in a hut on the island. With the help of his friend Demirci Hayko, who visited him on a cold winter day in 1988, he was hospitalized in Surp Pırgiç nursing home, died in November 1993 at the age of 75. Melahat Hanım is the wife of Selahattin Savaşkan who was the island's doctor. The only problem of their love was drink gateaway. His evasive friends Sait Faik Abasıyanık, the property fisherman Muvakkar Orhon, Genco Erkal's father Reşat bey (I leave this story here to be told later).

Orhan Özalp's memories There was Muvakkar Orhan, for example, a friend who went too far in fishing, an extremist man. He would do great things like catching tuna and swordfish.

Orhan Özalp sitting on the right of the photo, Bondi Kordova sitting on the left, Basri who is the captain of Orhan Özalp on the left, Lawyer Semih on the right. The Muvakkar Orhon himself is not in this photo. Bercuhi Berberyan (Tatiana) My Darling Burgaz Island, Adalı Publishing (2010)

But how did we dry Marmara sea? Some young people did not even hear its name when I said that pinea was a giant mussel, a few were surprised. Whereas, every time we go to Sivri island (Oxia) to eat mussels with the motor of the Muvakkar brother, we used to add a little to our feast, big pina ... He had a huge barge-type cabin boat. His name was Hürriyet (indipendence). The sound of its powerful engine would make the rumbling ruffle through the sky. The boat had a triangular anchored extension at the front. It was used to harpoon tuna or swordfish. It was an unbelievable pleasure for us, after we put our feet on that triangular iron and broke off the seating permit at the very end of the boat. We felt as if we were flying over the sea. On some special occasions, we used to fill the boat, boy, towards Sivri.

The speech of one of the speakers Zeyyat Selimoğlu at the panel organized by the Burgaz Island Lioness Club (1984).

There is an important feature of leaving Burgaz Island to the end of my speech within the islands. I think that our neighbors from Burgaz, who held this meeting and are here now, will find it right that I left the island of Burgaz when I listened to the memory I wish to express. This is a memory of Sait Faik, the boast of Burgaz. I got to know Sait Faik alone from his stories, I couldn't meet him. But, a close friend of Sait Faik is my high school classmate, who was also an old Burgaz Islander, his name is Muvakkar Orhon. The Muvakkar Orhon, which we lost a few years ago, was a Burgaz enthusiast for fishing. One day I met him on the ferry. He will land in Burgaz, and I was going to Heybeli (Halki). He turned around and came to the famous storyteller of Burgaz, Sait Faik. They know what they have read. Sait Faik has an original story titled "Sinağrit Baba". To sum it up, it's a story in which a big dentex (sinağrit) at the bottom of the sea puts the fishermen on a boat up to a character review before swallowing the jerkbait at the tip of the elongated fishing rod. Speaking of this story, Muvakkar Orhon turned to me and said:

-Do you know how that story was written? asked.

How will I know? But I was very curious. In a way, the story of a story I loved would have been expressed. Now I am telling this interesting memory from the mouth of Muvakkar Orhon.

Dentex (Sinağrit), D. Marcus Elieser Bloch 1785-1795, Hardvard University Library

-One day we prepared the boat with a friend, we are about to leave the dock and go to fishing. We're leaving, Sait Faik comes up. He asked where we were going. When he said we would go to fishing dentex, he let him get it. Three people will not go fishing at once. Fishing rods get tangled, tangles happen, you look at the end of the mess. We said "Look Sait", "" You know that, we can not be three people together, we will not be able to get you. "" As we left the dock, she got angry, and she made us passengers with a swearing swearing behind us. We caught two dentex that day. But we are fed up with the fish too much. I said, we sell these two dentex to a restaurant and set up a nice raki table for ourselves with that money, having fish, ordinary appetizers! We went, we sold two dentex for thirty-five liras with the money of that day. Then we drank a nice raki. I am at the dock after a few days. I looked across Sait Faik. When he saw me, he came before me. "Eeh said," "What did you do that day when you left in fishing?" "I said," We caught two big sizes, and sold a couple to a restaurant for thirty-five liras. " Sait looked at my face and laughed. '' Me too, '' he said, '' when you did not take me together, I went directly to the house from my anger and sat down and wrote the story of ''Sinağrit Baba''. I took it and sold it to a magazine. But not for thirty-five liras like you, but for fifty liras! ''

Kazgan - The Newspaper of Humor Released in Busy Times (1948)

Kazgan is the humor magazine of the Political Science Graduates, which has been handed over for years, like a sacred trust, from the big to the small, to the graduate, to the graduate.

A Football Match story

Muvakkar Orhon is in the students' team during a football match held in the first semester. From the Professors' team, Fadil Hakkı, can not open his eyes in his left position and Muvakkar makes hard tackeles to him. In the second semester, Prof. Fadil Hakkı tackles very professionally this time and makes Muvakkar in strecther case.

Evidencing story

Last year, a couple of students who were left in the test of excuse clogged a room and kept on sweating. When Arşak Orhon saw that there was no other way out, he pulled a big bonito (cheat sheet) (!) From his pocket and started the activity ... Dr.Cevat immediately seized the cheat. As Arşak Orhan did not take his hand over the cheat sheet, Dr. Cevat's move resulted in victory! He started begging for the return of the cheat sheet to Arşak Orhan. Here, the German Muvakkar adopted his unique fatherly attitude:

Come on, do not stretch the child's paper! ..

Dr. Cevat, who was very angry, turned to German:

-Muhterem (means honourable) Bey, how can you not get involved?

The German is intact:

-Sir, my name is not Muhterem, Muvakkar said.

- !!! ???

Cold blood story

Galatasaray basketball game had five minutes to start. The actors were vibrating with excitement, while still waiting for the German Muvakkar, who was still invisible. Finally he plunged into the locker room with his nibs bag. Captain Tevfik, trying to dominate him:

-Where have you been? Let me undress quickly, she said.

In response to the German:

Look at me aga, will wax stains come out of silk shirt? Tevfik, with a lasting effort, dominated himself:

- I don't know, he said. Muvakkar turned to children this time.

-If you love your God, who is our match today?

The children couldn't answer because they were trying to sober their fainted captains! ...

Caricatures of Political Science Graduates 

Note: I couldn't find a photo of his own. Those who know maybe help me to determine which caricature belongs to him.

Letter of Thanks

I would like to thank my dear friend fisher Sarı (Yellow) Lefter, Chatty Blind Aleko and other heads, and all the fish around the Bosphorus and the Island, who helped me in preparing my graduation thesis. Muvakkar Orhon.

Civil Service Gradutes List (1860-2013)


Let's make the closing with the jubile concert of Hrant Lusigyan. Voris look! *

*Kiss my Armenian ass. A special glass-lifting ritual by Clarinet master Hrant Lusigyan, a kind of erotic cheers! Accordingly, look at it! After it is called, the glass is raised and kissed from the bottom and drunk like that. A similar recall is common among Americans. Bottoms up used to topple glasses in English! Turkish butts in the air! means. Of course what is meant by the butt is the bottom of the glass.

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