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Tax Card

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Netflix's series Kulüb (The Club), which is on the way to becoming the most talked about production of the year, reminded me of an ephemera in my archive that has been waiting to be shared for a long time. Although it does not belong to the Wealth Tax, which is a period that this country is trying to forget, it is a document that reminds me of that period due to its name similarity.

What we learn from the tax card of Andon Asanaki from Burgazada:

Andon Asanaki, who was born in 1934, started to work as a civil servant after graduating from the school, approximately 63 years ago, on Tuesday, November 18, 1958, with a monthly salary of 200 Lira, Galata Hanciyan? Han(not fully read) No:18 Vezoni Socrat Ajans? (not fully read). He registered as a taxpayer with the Galata Tax Office after he had his residence address at Gökdemir Aralığı No: 8 and his single marital status certified by the Burgazada Mukhtar on November 24, 1958.

Finally, I want to return to Netflix series Kulüb (The Club). Leaving aside the praises and criticisms about the series, which touched centuries-old wounds, the aspect that impressed me the most was the advisory staff. Among the people who were consulted were Gökhan Akçura, who was mentioned in my previous posts, the historian of trivia (for the entertainment and music of the period), Mehmet Ö. Alkan, President of the History Foundation (for historical topics), Mois Gabay (seminars, excursions, script reading), İzzet Bana (Ladino Songs) and theater artist Forti Barokas (using the Ladino language).

* The word "agent" is the first known in history, "collector who sees the work of the state or someone else" Mehmet Bahaettin, took part in the New Turkish Dictionary (1924) The meaning of "secret" is derived from the French phrase "agent secret (in the same sense).

**Galata Havyar Han:

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