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Tahir Alangu & Sait Faik's Collected Works

In Ferhat Şensoy's book, Kalemimin Sapını Gülle Donattım, his memory about Tahir Alangu who is a literary teacher at Galatasaray High School, explains the importance of Sait Faik for the literature of our country. I would be mad if I did not share it.

Tahir Baba enters the lesson and says:

Mollahs, the book that says "Literature" on it will not be read! Tell your mother to your father and let you get a Sait Faik collection ... Literature next week! This course is free, do whatever you want! he goes away from the class. We are waiting for the second literature lesson by lifting and throwing the Nihat Sami Banarlı Literature book, burning it at Grand-Cour, acquiring one and two Sait Faik books, and admiring this magnificent anarchist attitude of Tahir Alangu. When Alangu appears at the door of the class, suddenly the class stands up like a pocket knife and does not move, there is not the slightest juiciness. We are in a silence of the ceremony. Only Sait Faik books on their desk. Open "Semaver'' story! You read!

Within a month, everyone is in the heart of Sait Fak, Alangu introduces us new writers that we have never heard of, brings his books, reads his stories, suddenly Osman Cemal Kaygılı, F. Celalettin,  Memduh Şevket Esencal is filled with our little brains. Tahir Baba opens the window to us ... Sometimes a Chehov story, some Homer ... Then the Epic of Kalevela ... Later, writers like Heinrich Böll, Friedrich Dürrenmatt, who have not yet been translated into our language.

One of the cocky parents does not implement the curriculum, an inspector comes from Ankara. Inspector Alangu, he doesn't put it in class: We discuss literature with my friends. Literature has no inspection, it is very shame! He said, the baffled investigator who has never seen such a man. Joyful! Joyful! Joyful! You will be the author, do not let go of this work ... Read a lot! Keep the mollas daily! says. When Tahir Alangu shows with his finger, these little children who look embarrassed and blush, Nedim Gürsel, Selim Ileri, Mahir Shaul, Engin Ardıç, izzet Yasar, Ferhan Şensoy.

Tahir Alangu, Sait Faik İçin, Yeditepe Publications 1956

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