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Robert Schild - Burgaz Island, A Living Ethnographic Museum

Dear Robert Schild's book "Burgazadası, A Living Ethnographic Museum, Human Landscapes from the Island", which I have quoted a few times and I am sure I will do many more times, is a unique resource that feeds my project. I present to your attention this book, which sheds light on the diverse history of Burgazada and makes a tremendous contribution to my archive, with the following introduction.

Yaman Alkan (84th Lover)

Burgazadası A Lively Ethnographic Museum Human Scenes from the Island - Blurb

This book was going to be a declaration of love. Because, each of the 82 old and new Burgazada residents with whom we met/corresponded during this study expressed their deep devotion and undying love for that small piece of land openly or between the lines, and when the author of the book agrees, the number rises to 83!”

Living or having lived in Burgaz is a privilege, being able to write it is the best service!

Robert Schild

“Cultural diversity is our greatest wealth in the Islands. But when we look back on history, it is also known that this diversity does not always mean cohesion. This social history has a background that lives in communities and takes care not to go beyond its own community. Some painful events have also triggered this background, and some prejudices. For this reason, the definition of mosaic is a little more appropriate. The borders are clear because of the mosaic. Büyükada, Heybeli and Kınalı reveal this situation. But is it so for Burgaz? Dear Robert Schild, this book of great effort in your hands, I think is the key to unraveling this mystery of Burgaz, of the people of Burgaz.”

Halim Bulutoglu

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