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T.Caracachoglu 1910

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

A front stamped Dolmabahçe Palace postcard with a dual language Antigoni and Old Turkish Burgazada, sent to Luxemburg by T.Caracachoglu (Karakaşoğlu) on July 6, 1910. I could not find (Rue) Adrinque Street, which is written in the address, on the maps of Luxemburg. Another striking element is that the word Carte Postale (Postcard) is crossed out and written Imprimee (Printed).

The story of this postcard sent from one Burg/Bourg to another reminded me of the column below written by Tayfun Timocin last year.

I have published a similar article before. If you missed it, you can reach it from the link below.

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