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Stone Pit

Some of the stones required to fill the sea during the construction of Galata and Eminönü docks were exported from Burgaz island by the Dersaadet Rıhtım Company, which was established in 1890. Galata and Eminönü docks were completed in 1895 and 1900 respectively. As a result of scanning in the online document system of the State Archives, I came across many documents related to the subject. I have shared the documents regarding the transportation of stones from Burgaz island, two pieces in my collection, along with the content list of these documents. The only photo about the quarries is from the album where the works of Dersaadet Rıhtım Company are featured in Sultan II. Abdülhamid's Yıldız Photo Archive. I guess this photo was taken in Kumbaros area and it is a document about how the split standing rock there was formed. Another possibility may be on the way from Kumbaros to Kalpazankaya. I am waiting for your valuable comments to be able to mark on Google maps correctly.

Documents in my collection regarding moving stones from Burgaz island

Documents regarding the movement of stones from Burgaz island
Stone Exporting from Burgaz Island Treasury Land for 5 Years and 780 Lira

Istanbul Islands with Documents - Adalar Cultural Association

Regarding that the tax to be collected for stones and logs extracted in Sedefadası, Burgazada, Heybeliada and Büyükada is 5% and this rate has been determined by the Ministry of Finance [Ministry of Finance], we will be informed from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the İstanbul Şehremaneti [İstanbul Municipality ] copy of text sent. 7 August 1888

Yıldız Photo Archive of Sultan II.Abdulhamid

Second Quarry in Burgaz Island from Dersaadet Rıhtım Company Album

For First Quarry in Kınalıada:

Problems in quarries The workshops working in the quarries opened in Burgaz Island were a problem. In the works that the company officer started with 15-20 Greek and Italian works, the number of works increased up to 200. The island pastor complained to the Ministry of Public Works. Upon this, the export of stone from this island was first prohibited, but after the initiatives of the company and the French ambassador, it was stated that the land belonged to the Greek monastery and therefore the company had the authority to operate a quarry in accordance with Article 6 of the contract. The problems that arose between the Rıhtım company and the Ministry of Imperial Foundations (Evkâf-ı Hümâyun) regarding the mines operated in Kınalı, Hayırsız and Burgaz Islands were referred to the court, and the conclusion of the case that continued for a long time resulted in the company offering peace to the custody in return for 5 thousand Ottoman liras. For quarry operation problems that have occupied the agenda for a long time, see. BOA, BEO, 1000/74944 (2.R.1315); BEO, 1100/82481 (7. ZA.1315); BEO, 1031/77279 (27.Ca.1315); BEO, 1033/77415 (6.C.1315); BEO, 1301/97564 (19.Z.1316); BEO, 3643/273175 (15.N.1327); DMA, Letter II, 1077/6 (1897); Z. Bilge, History of Istanbul Docks, p. 32-33; F. Devran, Dersaadet Dock Company, p. 34-36 The results of my research in the State Archives


Stone quarries are surrounded by the famous “No-Free Island”, which means Burgaz Island and Sivri Ada from the Prince Sultan Mehmed Foundation. (Evkaf 5) H-01-12-1314 Exemption from the Prince Sultan Mehmed Foundation, on the grounds that a temporary graduation from the Ministry of Public Works was given to the export of stones from Burgaz and Sivri Islands in return for a fair price. (Foil 5) H-16-11-1315 Request to be informed by the Dersaadet Rıhtım Company for the exportation of stones in Burgaz and Sivri Islands, which are members of the Şehzade Sultan Mahmud Foundation, while preserving the law of the foundation. (Foil 6) H-16-09-1315 In return for the fee from Burgaz and Sivriada from the Şehzade Sultan Mehmed Foundation, the certificate of the Dersaadet Rıhtım Company's operation for the export of stones will be issued upon the release of the answers prepared by the Ministry of Foundations and Şehremaneti. (Foundations 6) H-21-10-1315 The removal of the furnace that was built and built without permission by Dersaadet Rıhtım Company, which started to export stones from Burgaz and Sivriada, which are under the occupation of Şehzade Sultan Mehmed Foundation, in return for a certain price. (Foil 6) H-19-04-1316 Making a settlement of peace in accordance with the outcome of the lawsuit filed against the Rıhtım Company, which brought stones from Kınalı, Burgaz and Hayırsız islands to fill the Dersaadet Dock. H-11-04-1329 It will be appropriate for the relevant court to decide the case of removing stones from Kınalı, Burgaz and Hayırsız Islands brought by the Ministry of Foundations against the Pier Company. H-07-03-1330 Correspondence regarding the sending of some of the workers to Burgaz Island to be worked in the quarries by Monsieur Öjye, the officer of the Dersaadet Rıhtım Kumpanyası. H-10-11-1314 Notification to the relevant embassy that it is not appropriate to intervene by the French Embassy in the attempt to prohibit the unofficial agreement of Dersaadet Rıhtım Company with the monastery priest on the island of Burgas, as it is inconvenient to export stones from there. M-22-06-1897 Notification to the Rıhtım Kumpanyası that it would not be appropriate to explode a large amount of dynamite to extract stones on the island of Burgaz. (Islands; 19862) H-13-02-1311 Notification to the Rıhtım Kumpanyası that it would not be appropriate to explode a large amount of dynamite to extract stones on the island of Burgaz. (Islands; 19862) H-13-02-1311 To remove the waterfront of the island gem in Burgaz matters sizeable amounts of dynamite and blasting will not be at the appropriate Company for the notification. (Islands; 19862) H-13-02-1311 The information that three hundred and sixty kilograms of gunpowder will be thrown to extract stones by the dock company on Burgaz Island is nothing but an attribution to the company. H-19-02-1311 Investigation made by a civilian major named Ali Bey on the pebbles reported to be loaded onto the pontoons from Burgaz Island with the statement that they will be transferred to Haydarpaşa and Kadıköy docks on behalf of Malbaka, one of the translators of Minister (Mabeyn-i Hümayun). R-9 -07-1323 In the islands famous for saying Burgaz and Sivri islands from the Prince Sultan Mehmed Foundation, the request of the Dersaadet Rıhtım Company and the custody of the stone quarries and the custody of the said company and the company in question, as there is no dishonor in a contractual agreement, Draft a draft agreement to negotiate with the said company, subject to its approval and acceptance The Dersaadet Rıhtım Company was banned from opening a quarry in Burgaz and Hayırsız island and exporting stones. (To) H-02-04-1315 Examination of the request given about the men of the stones that Dersaadet Rıhtım Kumpanyası exports from Burgaz, Sivri and Hayırsız islands. (Here; 74944) H-06-06-1315 The decision about the stone surgery that Dersaadet Rıhtım Company concluded with the monastery priest on Burgaz Island is exported to the unofficial contract. (Trade 2) H-15-05-1315 About the price to be taken from the stones extracted by the Rıhtım Company from Sivri, Burgaz and Kınalı Islands, and so on. (Evkaf, Internal Medicine, Nafia) H-12-07-1316 The report from the Ministry of Evkaf-ı Hümayun with some statements about the stones exported by the Rıhtım Company from Burgaz Island. (Nafia; 92367) H-24-10-1316 The quarries in both Burgaz and Kınalı Ada were agreed between the company and the spirituality that claimed their belonging to the monasteries in the islands, and the production of the stones was given to them by the Dersaadet Rıhtım Company. (Foils; 95692) H-19-12-1316 Obtaining a mine picture for stones and logs extracted from Sedef Island, Büyükada, Heybeliada and Burgaz Island and the local government to provide convenience in this matter. H-29-11-1305 Tax on stones extracted from Burgaz, Sivri and Kınalıada. H-19-07-1316 The transportation of stones from the quarries in the Islands to other places other than Haydarpaşa Port is prohibited. H-15-10-1318 Other correspondence regarding the stone exported by Dersaadet Rıhtım Company from Burgaz, Sivri and Hayırsız islands with the capability of Kınalıada community. (Dersaadet 17) H-10-05-1316

Investigation of the situation, since the price of the stones that Dersaadet Rıhtım Company participated in Kınalı and Burgaz islands was paid, but the Court was sentenced to seventy-five thousand liras by the Court. (Evkaf; 273175) H-15-09-1327 Settlement of an alleged case between the Ministry of Finance and the aforementioned company due to the stones exported from Kinali and Burgaz by Dersaadet Rıhtım Company. (Evkaf; 291004) H-13-04-1329

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