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World War I continues at full speed at 1917. An envelope sent by registered war emission stamps from Antigoni / Burgaz island to Monsieur Constantin Sourlas staying at Rue de la Grotte L'ete Pension Cavalli Lausanne Swiss.

Posted by (Envoi de): Anastasie Sourla

Antigoni (iles des Princes)

Manastır Djadessi [Monastery Street] No: 7

In the Antigoni Island plan of Cesar Raymund's ~ 1910s in Salt Research archive, the place that is Mehtap Street today is seen as Rue Ayios Georghios Djaddessi. According to my guess, the name of the street may also be used as Manastır Street, due to the Aya Yorgi Monastery.

An envelope sent to Monsieur Constantin, which I saw in the catalog of an overseas auction but unfortunately couldn't get it because it was over my budget.

The summer of 1918, World War I is about to end. This time the sender is Nicholas Sourlas and the address is entered as Poste Centrale Restante *.

* A service offered by a post office where mail is kept for an agreed time until it is received by the addressee.

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