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Rescue Operation Heroes

The other day, Ersun Kupa, whom I met in the antique market of Kadıköy, called. Thanks for picking out two Burgaz island ones from 2000 photographs. There are such precious heroes behind every rescue operation. Auctions, booksellers, antique dealers, collectors, islanders, antique markets, cargo companies and auction houses are the first stakeholders that come to my mind in this system. I am sure there are some that I have forgotten. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to creating my collection.

I would like to mention the details that catch my attention in the photograph. First of all, it is the first photo I have seen so close to the pier. Another is the clock hanging on the pier wall in the background, showing 06:35 p.m., and the family in front of the post just below it, rather than the family who had the photo taken. While the mother is reading the text, the little child is looking up at the father or the clock. The father seems to be looking his child kindly . What stands on the left of the clock is the tariff showing the ferry services, in my guess. If I can add the tariff of 1938 to my collection, we can find out which voyage this crowd gathered at the pier is waiting for :)

The story of the second photo is in my next post.

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