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Master Engineer Architect Ümit Yurtseven

1/7500 scaled Touristic Islands Map by Master Engineer Architect Ümit Yurtseven, published in Istanbul by APA Ofset Printing House in 1979.

We know that the information on the map prepared as a touristic guide is largely taken from Orhan Erden's book, Istanbul Islands. Apart from that, Meydan Larousse and Hayat Encyclopedia are used as sources for Burgaz island and Sait Faik Abasıyanık articles. In addition to the two Touristic Islands Maps in Turkish / English and German / French in my archive, there are maps prepared by MArchitect Ümit Yurtseven for Antalya, Bodrum-Datça-Marmaris, Erdek, Beyoğlu and Şişli. Another information about Ümit Yurtseven is that he is a 58-59 ITU graduate and among his classmates are Afife Batur and Şazimen Sayılgan (Arolat). ( The most striking find for me on the map, which contains a lot of valuable information, was the Old Lime Quarries, which appeared in the location known as White Earth. This discovery may be an answer to the location of Burgaz island Stone Pit photo from the Dersaadet Rıhtım Company Album in Yıldız Archive of Sultan II.Abdulhamid.

Let's continue with the details of the map specific to Burgaz island.

Journey in Burgaz Island

1. Going to Kalpazankaya

2. After the Hindos casino, exit to Hristos Hill, from there landing at Kalpazankaya.

3. Follow the right side of the pier and exit to Hristos Monastery, the road is uphill. From here, there are beautiful views of Kınalı, Yassı Sivri Islands and Fenerbahçe. The Saint George Aya Yorgi places of worship and the very interesting representative tomb of the Prophet Jesus in the garden can be seen.

What? Where?

Names - Plan

1. Quay Square - C1

2. St. Jean Ortodox Church - C1

3. St. George Monastery and Church - C2

4. St. George-Stranger-Monastery - B1

5. St. Hristos Monastery - B2

6. Beyaz Toprak Site - A2

7. Turgut Egemen Zoo - C2

8. Sait Faik Museum - C1

Useful Telephones

Fire-Brigade: 51 82 03

Police: 51 81 10

Steamer Port: 51 81 26

Superintendent of Municipality: 51 82 35

After that, the lists I have created from the data on the map. Various Names Given to Islands in History Prince Islands Ring Islands Priest Islands Red Islands Saint Islands (Hammer) Monks Islands (Dethier) Spirit Islands (Thomas Allom) Names in brackets: Historians or travelers who started to call the Islands by this name. Bay Names 1. Castle Cape - A1 2. Turgut Reis Bay (Ayi-Nikola) - A1 3. Kalpazankaya Cape - A2 4. Kumbaros Cape - B3 5. Cemetery Cape - C2 6. Piers - C2 7. Moloz Cape Lighthouse - C2 8. Inner Harbor - C2 9. Outer Harbor - C1 10. Molaki Cape - C1 11. Karpuzdankaya - B1 Street and Square Names 1. Barbaros Hayrettin Street - C2 2. Yeni Yali Street - C2 3. Yeni Yali Alley - C2 4. Kış Bahçesi Street - C2 5. Yali Street - C2 6. Çınarlık Street - C2 7. Gökdemir Street - C2 8. Gökdemir Alley - C2 9. Keskin Çınar Alley - C2 10. Big Pine Area - B2 11. Kış Bahçeler - B2 12. Azizler Street - B2 13. Çakıltaş Street - B2 14. Sarniç Street - C1 15. Burgaz Mezarlık Street - C1 16. Köykahyası Street - C1 17. Burgaz Çarşı Street - C1 18. Gezinti Street - C1 19. Gönüllü Street - C1 20. Mehtap Street - C1 21. Yenice Street - C1 22. Yenice Alley - C1 23. Takımağa - C1 24. Yelkenci Mehmet Street - C1 25. Yeni Kuyu Street - B1 26. Burgas Meadow - B1 27. Büyük Çamlık Grove - B1 28. Büyük Çamlık Street - B1 29. The Path of Paradisos (Heaven) - B1 30. Gönüllü Square - B1 31. Road to Kalpazankaya - A2

Other Noteworthy Points 1. Old Lime Pit in White Soil Grove. This should be the place we are looking for in my Stone Pit article. - A2 2. The location of the casino is marked and 170m high at Bayrak Tepe (Hristos Hill) - B2 3.Instead of A.S.S.K, it is referred to as Burgaz Water Sports Club and Olympic Pool is specified - B2 4. The building marked across the Garip Aya Yorgi Monastery is most likely Teacher's House, but its name was not written and was not included in the lists - B1 5. Turgut Reis Location is indicated as number 9, but not shown in the main list - B1

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