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Lost in the Atlantic Ocean

Lost in the delivery of America, my dear postcard. Who knows where you are now. Maybe in the Atlantic Ocean, maybe in a cargo sack. This image, scanned by his salesman, remained a souvenir for us. There is a note written in Greek on the back. Thanks to Marianna Vasiliadiz, Nasy Mani and @danendedanendedanende for their support.

My dear, dear friend ... (name unclear Mr ... Drose ... may be) ⠀

Congratulations on your Christmas and wish you a happy year in 59.

We invite you to our Antigoni (Burgaz) this summer.

(Describes where the house is. "" Our house is on the right ... "continued unclear) ⠀

Love and respect,



In the upper right corner of the letter it says; "We could not get an answer to the letter we wrote in September."

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