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Keskin Color

It is planned to start digitizing the collection, which consists of approximately 10,000 archival materials belonging to Keskin Color, one of Turkey's leading postcard producers at the time, to be carried out by Koç University Suna Kıraç Library, in the first quarter of 2022. In order to relieve your excitement even a little during this waiting period, I have compiled the 10 Keskin Color postcards covering Burgazada in my archive and the remarkable comments about these postcards in my social media posts. After the digitalization process is completed, let's see what else I will lack, I am looking forward to it.

1) Keskin Color # 96 Istanbul and Its Pearls - TURKEY⠀

Burgaz Adası

+Arif Akdemir: The upper part of the pier was a lodging at that time

+Vapuriks: It was the residence of the pier supervisor

2) Keskin Color # 97 Istanbul and Its Pearls ⠀

Burgazada, beach-ski and Kaşıkadası⠀

The Princes Islands⠀

The details of the postcard are exquisite; A person doing water skiing in the background, children playing by the sea and swimming with life buoy, colorful umbrellas, the ruin of the lighthouse at the end of the place called Moloz in the middle of the Adalar Water Sports Club, the remains of moloz still visible towards the end despite the pouring of concrete, the boats standing on the promontory, the white sprint stones on the pier, my favorite is the boy standing up between two benches

+Orhan Erbelger: The right side of the wooden structure in the picture, I'm not exaggerating, it was one of the most beautiful discos in the world

+Rea Konstantinadis: The first version of A.S.S.K pulled from the trampoline....with discotheque ...

3) Keskin Color # 99 Istanbul and Its Pearls ⠀

Burgazada and water polo

The first version of A.S.S.K., which I shared yesterday, received very good comments. The most interesting thing for me was the determination of Dear Rea Konstantinidis that the photo was taken from the legendary trampoline of our club (obviously it was not possible with the drone on that time). In this postcard, we see that the water polo match was photographed from the trampoline again. I liked imagining Keskin Color's photographer climbing the trampoline and taking pictures on top of it, in an environment where only athletes are allowed to go on the trampoline (there are illegal exits, of course).

Out of thousands of printed postcards, It was an interesting coincidence that I found that the Board of Directors of A.S.S.K. used my copy as a greeting card. It will be a little early in the beginning of December, but on this occasion of this postcard, as the management says, "Happy New Year and I wish you success".

Note: Postcard number 98 belonging to Heybeliada has been skipped. Tomorrow I will continue with number 102. Postcards 100 and 101 are also likely to belong to other Princes' Islands. After the Suna Kıraç Library digitizes the Keskin Color archive, the gaps will be filled.

+Rea Konstantinidis: One of the two people speaking on the right in this photo is our manager Ahmet Tanriverdi....

4) Keskin Color #102 Burgazada

The square ace that caught my attention in this postcard

1) Halkevi (Community Center) with its red and white CHP sign on the far right and its pier above the sea

2) At the bottom of the mosque, there was the old Şafak Casino, run by Ohannes, which stood out with its blue awnings. Then it becomes the Ideal restaurant. Ideal has now been moved to the opposite street of the Fire Department.

3) Orange Sailboat. One of the oldest of this sailboat Burgazada, I heard it belonged to Dr. Pavlos Rachcopoulos. Unfortunately I don't remember the source. I've shared it before, but If you would like to re-watch the unpleasant and at the same time sweet memory that Dr. Pavlos Rahcopoulos had with Turgut Egemen on the last day before he left Burgazada, with his own narration, Antigoni Little Island, Our Life documentary by Nilüfer Uzunoğlu (I gave the link starting from the scene I posted below).

+Orhan Erbelger: Yes, the orange sailing dinghy is our dear friend Dr. Paul used it.

+Helmut Bruckner: It could be Dolfin on the left, Neptune is not in this picture, it may have been taken at the beginning or end of the season. Very few boats are seen anyway, probably autumn. Today, not many people enter the sea from this side of the island. It was different back then.

5) Keskin Color Istanbul and Its Pearls

A look at the islands

Burgas, Kaşık, Heybeli and the Big Islands

Prince Islands

Les iles des princes


Does the photo look familiar? :)

6) Keskin Color Burgaz Island

Indos slope, aka Flamingo Road (the old folks are called by this name because of the Dallas-like Flamingo Road series of the 80s), which has the most beautiful houses of the island in Indos District of Burgazada, overlooking Heybeliada. Today, its beach is known as number 6.

7) Keskin Color

Kınalıada, Burgazadası, Heybeliada, Büyükada (I don't know why it's called just Burgazası)

Can you find the error in the photo?

Hint: You can check my previous post.

+Berra Nur Ege: Since the names of other islands are adjectives and Burgaz is a noun, the possessive suffix used in the noun phrase comes to the island. So Burgazadası is correct, but I also say Burgazada or just Burgaz. As for the mistake.. What can I say, I guess they couldn't find a photo of Kınalıada.

In response to the above comment, the following comment came

+paristexasistanbul: after a noun becomes a noun, its charachteristic doesn't matter, that is, it ends its adjective. +Orhan Erbelger: In ancient Greek, the word "Pyrgos", which gave its name to our island, meant "Castle, Castle with tower". At that time, there was a castle in the ancient port, around the present pier. According to another information, it was mentioned that there was a watchtower at Bayraktepe (Hristos Hill). This Pyrgos name, over time, began to be pronounced as "Burgaz" by the Ottomans. If we start from here; Today, when our island is called "Burgazadası", its equivalent is "Kaleadası" (Castle Island). This means that it can be interpreted as Burgazada = Kaleada, that is Kaleliada, and on the other hand, as Burgazada = Kaleadası. Both uses seem possible. If you ask me about my preference, what is left to me from my childhood? I prefer "Burgazada". Stay with love. 8) Keskin Color Burgazada

Where are those beautiful municipal vehicles lined up in size, garbage trucks that smell sweet along the coast?

Joking aside, we can't even see Istanbul, Kaşıkadası and Heybeliada right in front of us, let alone the current coastal arrangement of Burgazada. There is complete chaos because my structure such as ferry pier, bank machine, newsagents etcs. I once again commemorate Turget Egemen, who I learned planted the trees in the postcard to leave us an elegant Burgazada, and Harry Ojalvo for his efforts for the Atatürk bust in the postcard, which I have quoted below, may their souls rest in peace.

During the construction of the Adalar Water Sports Club, which was established in 1963, we had a horseshoe-shaped monument built by the architect, and since I was the youngest member of the administrative board, I tried to obtain a bust from the Sultan Ahmet Art School. For the opening, 66 division commander Faruk Güventürk Pasha cut the ribbon accompanied by a band.

+Rea Konstantinidis: The Reşat Pasha mansion has been demolished....A new restaurant has been opened from the road....on the beach....the side of the beach facing the sea is wide....these are after 71.

+Berra Nurlu Ege: It must have been even after 75... (Kifidis's house has not changed owners yet..

+Jenev Tarinas: The wooden house of the Calikis. Buildings on the beach are old

9) Keskin Color

Burgazada, four assorted views

Burgazada, quatre vues differentes

10) Keskin Color


The 10th and last postcard of Keskin Color covering Burgazada in my archive.

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