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Karu Family

Our lost ephemera series continues. Three adults in the scrub and a child with the ball in hand. The date 17 May 1970 was written on the back. Shortly after sharing, I learned from Dear Zeynep Karu that the people standing in the middle of the photo are her mother Sabiha Karu and her brother Mehmet Karu. The other two people are their neighbors who come to visit. The place where the photo was taken is in the Ayanikola Turgut Reis neighborhood, around the road leading down to Marta Bay. She also stated that the scrub in the photo is now gone, those areas were green in the past, but there were no slums-villas and asphalt, and that the Ayanikola tea garden was a football field. Many thanks for her contribution.

Finally, I would like to remind you with honor that Zeynep Karu was one of our prominent athletes in the field of swimming, who was trained in the A.S.S.K. between 1973-1990.

A.S.S.K. Honor Corner

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