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Italian & Sleeveless Yuakim Elmas

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

A series of four photographs taken at the Public Beach, operated by Yuakim, with the date in Italian on the reverse.

Antigoni Agosto (August) 1942

The numbers on the beach cabins from 29 to 39 are visible.

Antigoni Agosto 1942

28-7-1943 with Antigoni

Estate (Summer) Antigoni 1944

Sleeveless (Çolak) Yuakim Elmas

Yuakim Elmas operated the public beach until it was closed in 1959 and included in the Burgazada Sea Club. At the same time, they used to run a coffee shop with his brother Kornelius on Çarşı Street. Another type of business that the Greek islanders did was real estate and trusteeship. Çolak Yuakim was a well-known real estate agent. He did this job until the 1970s. He didn't have an arm. It was said that he was disabled because of the explosion of dynamite in his hand while fishing.

Front of the Old Patisserie - from left to right (1) fisherman Foti, (2) Sotiri Sampsonidis, (3) Unknown, (4) Çolak Yuakim Elmas - (Anastasia Sampsonidou Archive)

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