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Isolated in Burgaz Island

Thank you to everyone who followed and contributed to the family album that I shared for 21 days. We waited impatiently for someone who knew the photographs, but it did not happen. There were a lot of guesses about what years it belonged to. What a coincidence that we learned the answer to this, after 19 photographs I took collectively, thanks to 2 photographs written "Heybeliada 1939" I came across in a different bookseller. I would like to mention a small mistake I made at the beginning of my posts because I think it will be useful. Since I will stay in Burgaz island during the closing period, I named the series as '' Isolated in Burgaz Island '' and '' isole di Antigoni '' as a trope, but Moris Behar warned me that the word isole is plural and that I should use isola in the singular. I was inspired by the gravure I used on the home page of my website, but since I did not take into account Burgaz island's baby Kaşıkada and the Pita article, I perceived the word isole as island instead of islands :) I have compiled the comments on social media below as reminders of this archive. Forgive me if I have forgotten. They remind us; Molos / Moloz Burgaz Island Sea Club and the private beach of Ioakim / Yuakim / Yakim Elmas next to it (separated by a wire fence next to the cabins). You can see the house of fisherman Yorgaki with a large balcony with 2 floors in the back, the garden of Taso (which later became a zoo), the cinema that has not been established yet, the daughter of Taso Marika Special wool swimsuits knitted by mothers From the place where there is a freight pier, to the ASSK, we used to swim in the sea. Once upon a time there were wafers on the beaches of Burgaz island Şilep Hasan and his brother Mehmed Ali Old coal ships The direction of the smoke on a day with Southwester The boats we go fishing, the sailboats That the photos of the pier we want to take a shoot are like this but the time is not then (No.XI) That we miss Burgaz island very much Our piers that have disappeared over and over Old Kadıköy beach and pier Crabseller Hüseyin Coşkun Boathouses (Thomas' boathouse on the way to Indos / boathouse under Sami Bey's house in Indos / old cemetery road the boathouse below the monastery / Seyfi Baba's hut / Abbas Pasha boathouse on the side of Heybeli island beach) Indos' white house on the far left Izzet Bey's house When winter comes, loneliness begins in the village (such a picture is this picture ... No. XIII) Our newly built pier in the 40s White socks fashion The pines of Hristos and Indos Our acquaintances, grandparents, outgoing childhood friends, neighbors Our neighbor Heybeli island Coni Calich, who was 10 years old in 1939

Note: I could not upload this series that I shared on social media to my blog for a long time. Don't think I'm negligent, I continue to collect stories and ephemera. In fact, I added a larger copy of the VIth photo to the archive in the course of time. Together they were very interesting. The smaller one measures 2.5x4cm, also the smallest piece of my collection so far. The dimensions of the larger one are 8x13cm.

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