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Harry Ojalvo

When we moved to Burgazada in the 1990s, Ari Ojalvo was one of my first friends. Then his brother Jack and next door neighbors Selim and Ali of Italian origin. We got together so fast that even when our house was under renovation, we would come to Burgaz as early as possible and play a match in Indos until it got dark in the evening and return to Istanbul. When I look back now, I understand better that one of my reasons for falling in love with Burgazada was this multicultural friendship environment that I met for the first time at that time. What a coincidence, years later, my friends have had to share the memories of Harry Ojalvo, his grandfather. We are grateful for all the efforts he gave to our Burgazada. Rest in peace.

Endless thanks to our neighbor, dear Denis Ojalvo, who allowed me to publish his father Harry Ojalvo's memories in Burgazada.

Harry Ojalvo - M.S. 1186'dan Bu Yana Bir Yahudi Serüveni [A.D. A Jewish Adventure Since 1186] (p.67-82)

Burgaz Island I Love

And after taking a break from 1941 to 1945, we became regulars to Burgaz Island, where I was a regular in 1940, not to leave again in 1948. In between, my maritime vein swelled again and the boat, sail, etc. Give me your hand on Friday evenings, Sivri Island return home Sunday evening, Monday to work.

We had a son on March 13, 1951. We named it Denis. Since we were regulars of Burgaz Sea Club in the meantime, we entered the board of directors with the insistence of its president İzzettin Feray. It's a shabby place. Its booths are wooden, cuts by hand, repair budget kit at the beginning of the season, in short, an empty club. Each side is in gravel from south wind. Then I had the board of directors accept whatever came to my mind. I said that we would throw the incoming gravel into the sea again, let's cut the front with planks and cut the front of the iron scraps in the form of a set with concrete and win the field. When the sea was in the middle of the hall of today's building, an unexpected place was gained towards the sea in a very short time. We started registering new members. We started the construction of today's building with an entrance fee of 500 lira. Our island had a Catholic church, 3 Orthodox churches and a synagogue. But it did not have a mosque. In the event of a death, the coffin was transported to Heybeli island. I suggested that Nafiz Özalp, who was in the board of directors, bring an offer. İzzettin Feray looked at me and said "Will you roll up your sleeves". I said, "A flag is not enough in one place, a symbol dome and a minaret are a must." Official mosque receipts were provided, and I collected money every evening at the pier. Club members made the necessary congratulations. Congratulations were received even from the island priest. The motto is I sell land to heaven. The mosque had a magnificent view on the set. But there is no congregation. It turns out that one of the famous captains of the island said that prayer is not permissible in a mosque built with priestly money. We went to the mufti's office with Izzettin Feray. According to the fatwa what I remember, it is permissible to perform a prayer. Because it is possible that the person who is donated will convert one day with bad intention.

Among the members of Burgaz Island Deniz Club, our board of directors friend Prof. Dr. Selim Kaneti, it would not be possible to pass without remembering and it would be a big mistake!, who always instilled in us the law and principles, the genius of Swiss law and maritime law. May Allah have gracious mercy.

During the construction of the building of the club, we asked the architect to have a monument in the shape of a horseshoe, and since I was the youngest member of the board of directors, I tried to get a bus from the Sultan Ahmet art school. For the opening, 66 division commander Faruk Güventürk pasha cut the ribbon in company with a band.


President Ahmet Celal Yetiş

Vice Presiden Muharrem Meyveci

Accountant Hüseyin Kamil Sezgün

Secretary Veli Engin Vural

Member Asım Ertuğral


Kaşık island between the pier in Burgazada

Bluefish from September to October

That burns luxury, Jesus the shovel

Heather makes the iron soar

Seashells ornaments rope

The sandal stretches like a bow

Jerkbait get baited with butts

We used to catch the fish with Sait

Sait would stop his oath slapstick

The wooden knuckle would fill up water

Fish pond was ready for the coming luff

The bluefish teeth saw

When taking the jerkbait

He caught his finger inadvertently

The sentences that have not seen the sun are listed,

Swearing literature is remembered

Jerkbaits are polished once in a while

Mercury flows like water from a bottle

Slim size is essential for bluefish

The weather breaks down, the waves are wet

You left, forgetting me and the words

I gave up the bluefish, sitting at home

Sait Faik Abasıyanık, I wrote for you.

Return of Sivriada Storm

The waves hide the land like a mountain

He looks around when he climbs to the top

When you enter the pit, you run away

Tiller hand direction Kalpazankaya

A speedboat off Heybeli

Engine stopped whipping is the opposite of eating

Starts under the blade in the middle

A man shakes his hands on the stern

We dropped a mooring, man novice

One more round, finally grabbed the rope

They got up from the baby to Yalova

They got caught on the way back to the storm

With the man, his wife and a lot of invited children

They went out from morning to sea voyage

We pulled the boat to Burgaz

The man is an American black colonel

He was promoted to maritime then

They became like pickles together

Those running around at the club

Mothers dried and clothed the children

The man sent a very kind gallon of whiskey

And it was drunk in honor of all together.

My dear grandson is dedicated to Eftal İdil İlkin.


Lots of boats behind the island

A colorful festival

Dowel pin, coil to coil ropes

Acorn baits sewn on the tip

Forged steel hook-like needles

Steel strings to prevent gamma

Politics settle against the wind

Harpoons alesta just in case

Who wears the fish makes a tour

Who looks at Yalova

Some in the direction of Ahirkapı

Fish gets tired of pulling the big boat

Finally the sandals burst and swell next to you

The harpoon rises and lands on the fish's back

Head and tail are tied to the boat board

Engines are running, give your hand Burgaz island

Fish line up when they enter the harbor

Every fisherman's prey weighs on the scale

It is dedicated to my son, Deni, who was born and raised in Burgaz.

Lunar caustic

Heybeliada is behind

Easy to bear and remember

Isa rowing out Buyukada pier

On the other hand, the hotel and the Burgaz pier

Temporarily stops black

Fishing rods become ready

Jerkbait up from the bottom up

Live muzzle pulls up

Four boats are competing

Muvakkar is waiting in one

Sait looks sideways from the other

Milkman Pandeli holds Fish

Six pound red

It makes us all look

The day and life is over

Muvakkar, Sait, Pandeli is gone

All three of the literary taught their fishing rods

I have memories left for now

It was dedicated to my old friend, the late Muvakkar Orhon.

On a hot summer night with moonlight, we went to Sivri Island, accompanied by five or six boats, to catch the seabream above the water. After catching the fish, we rested. Our intention was to go for a morning fishing on the diamond stone. Sait shouted "Get up, folks, look at this view," when he was just asleep, caused muttering. When he fell asleep again, saying "My heads are on the view", we sat next to Sait and we watched the talents of the Seal with white spots on the side of the island, who tumble in the moonlight, and refreshed our memories of Paris. May Allah have gracious mercy on you. It's like I've seen the Seal of Sivri Island, which has already disappeared with you, after all these years. Key to Heaven 1) There will be no gods other than Allah 2) You will not carve idols to worship 3) You will not mention the name of Allah in vain

4) Work for six days, the seventh day is the one who created 5) You will respect your mother and father, it is a must 6) You will not take a person's life, his soul belongs to God 7) You will not do adultery, the wife belongs to someone else 8) Spreading your hand to the property of the hand: It is theft 9) You won't lie: it's forbidden 10) You will not envy: It is a disease Fulfill these ten conditions, heaven was yours. The names of these ten principles are evamiri asher. To my grandchildren, both of whom are North Western graduates, whose names are Yakup, and whose education takes off.

Burgaz Island Sea Club Board Member in 80's

Burgaz Islanders Among the people who will go into the history of Burgaz Island, Ali Rıza, nicknamed Kondos, was an Ali Rıza who would get drunk and take down the windows of the shops in the bazaar. The most important event to be remembered was Sait Faik's coming to the club after rolling a gallon of wine on the day of his death and blasting the empty gallon among the people sitting at the tables and shouting "May the spirit of Sait Fayi be blessed" and the escape of women was a sight to be seen. Kalafat and Sefer Uncle, one of the regulars of Sivri Island, obtained their livelihood from Sivri Island and they collected eggs in baskets and sold them to pastry makers in spring, when the seagulls spawn abundantly. Fisherman Burhan Ceviz, whose nicknames are interesting, are banker Sami, Naylon Mehmet Ali, Şilep Hasan and their brothers Metin, who once served as the secretary of the Burgaz Island Marine Club. Other interesting types are the milkman Pandeli, who was also the headman of the island. Pandeli would take Trotsky, who was in exile from the Büyükada, and go fishing. Aşure Lambo, Koço toroloy, ex-cop Avni, drunk Dimitro, bluefish Mehmet. Çikuli, lame Ismail and his brother Zekuli, the bear Mehmet, all these friends would keep the joy of coffee alive in the winter. Walk the motor captains Hüseyin and Asım Sezgün, Ahmet's grocery store and Muharrem Meyveci, who successfully runs his shop today, Ümit and Erdal Altınbaş, who run the club restaurant. Cihat Girginer, Ahmet Onan, and my friends of rakı table Orhan Özalp who keeps their memory alive, Melih Naziki, Semih Gül, retired judge Sait Toker and I, the authors of these lines, are still with us in our conversation with the lost İlhan Özalp and Mithat Yaybulak. The main pillar of the club is the former sub-district director Zühtü Bey, who later took over the duties of E. Naval Colonel Feridun Adnan Yılgıç, Selahattin Vural and their sons Engin (who were still elected as headman) brothers Erdoğan and Erkan, Abdullah Börekçi, Güngör Yıldırım, Sait and Derviş Yıldırım, Çetin Durmuş Kaya, the club manager Seyit Pamuk and his secretary Nevin Yazkan, the custodian of the facilities İbrahim Kızılkaya and the well-known Kemal Özten, the former headman and the head of the first aid center, Güngör Yıldırım, and the former headman Nurettin Tarabuş are among the things that should be remembered. Perihan teacher and professor Ahmet Keskin are the ones who protect the island interests. Likewise, one of the things that should not be forgotten is Zikrullah Kaplan, one of our young friends who ride the roads of Burgaz Island by bicycle. Likewise, the president of the mosque association, Celal Yetiş, is a perfect man and the baker Hüseyin Demirci, who makes the best bread of the islands, and Hüseyin Sezgün, who is sitting in the bakery for a conversation, Kazım Ersoy and Ali Muşlu, who is known to everyone, my friend Haydar Şakar from the Cem association, Ahmet, Mehmet, Muzaffer Ulaş brothers and Orhan Tuncer. "My advice to TV enthusiasts is to get along with Nadı Başyiğit". May those I forget excuse me. We cannot thank all of them enough as summer resorts.

History of ASSK, whose Chairman is Mr. Ali Tolga today

In the summer of 1962, Turgut Egemen, the president of the beautification association, is attempting to pour concrete and expand it with rocks on the rock called rubble on the island with a lighthouse at the end. There is a duality in this regard in the board of directors. Some say it should be an association since it is made with association money. Turgut Egemen should be a sports club. Izzettin Feray, the head of the Burgaz Island Marine Club (B.D.K.), does not lift this island two clubs. Those who want to do sports do it in B.D.K. At the beginning of the result, Admiral Kemalettin Bozkurt, islands district governor Ahmet Tosun Municipality Branch Manager His assistant Nurettin Kayabölen is backing Turgut Egemen and the club is officially established on February 14, 1963. While the construction continues, there is a duality in the municipality and works with digging shovels are printed with the order of demolition. Admiral Kemal Kayacan, who was the principal of the school at that time, intervened as "captain and pasha intervenes" and a squad soldier and a chief sergeant from Heybeli Military School appear. They leave the place as the worker, who came with the order of demolition, throws a pickaxe shovel. As a result, the club survived and on July 27, 1963, the doctor Ahmet Erbelger, whom I am proud of with his friendship from the doctors of the Heybeli sanatorium of our island, suffers from his opening speech with great enthusiasm. There is an oxygen tube on the island, but only in a blacksmith. It does not exist either. As a result, the door is broken and until the oxygen tube is carried there, the only doctor of the island, will give you the grace of life. We immediately rolled up our sleeves with Orhan Özalp and started to establish a first aid center. We ask the island constructions for a day's assistance with their materials. There is a construction boom on that island. Every building owner rushes to help. The ground floor is 2 rooms and a toilet, the upper floor is exactly the same, we are placing the municipality police, which has no place on the island, on the upper floor. Founders admiral Kemal Kayacan mayor, Nejdet Uğur police director Haydar Özkın, Halis Kurtça, Orhan Özalp and Harry Ojalvo. In the meantime, the summer building of the poor children on the island of Burgaz is in ruins, a construction permit is obtained and the groundwork is laid as a result of our request to Foreign Minister Selim Sarper, whose election campaign I organized. Our chief rabbi is making his prayer and Orhan Özalp is the official doctor of the first aid center there, as the district president, Selahattin Savaşkan. Pavlos Rahçopulos, the operator of the St. Jorj hospital, and a very talented young doctor who left us with a testimonial to go to England after two years of service, years have passed. The deceased Hasan Uzun, a panacea, under the advice and responsibility of Dr.Selahattin, he finally serves him very skillfully until his death. And for a few years already, extraordinarily knowledgeable and reliable Dr. Fevzi Gülcan. It is getting harder and harder to balance the budget, and we set up a Lions club to take care of this issue. Finally when Dr.Haluk Kulen steps in, I withdraw from this job very tired. But they say, as soon as the habit comes out, continue to be a member of the board of the Burgaz Island Marine Club! Orhan Özalp, after Ali Kibar administration for a few years. The waters of the Marmara Sea are contaminated and blurry due to the large growth of the city. In the past, my dear Marmara Sea, where fish of all kinds and sizes used to play, now neither contains fish nor is suitable for swimming. Finally, I am bringing a pool proposal to the board with the support of Aron Karavil, one of the club members. Board members sidestep as they do not go into the sea, except for Orhan Özalp. Finally, the days pass, young people are brought to the board of directors and the pool finally emerges thanks to Turgut Koşar and Yusuf Öztiryaki. I have a trip to Genoa in between. I ask why my late wife's brother, who was residing in Genoa, who took us around, showed an empty beach at the tip of the nose. It turns out that Genoa's sewers were passing through there. The municipality closed it because it was infected. Two years later, when we came back to that direction, I also looked at the chirpy beach. I searched immediately. It turns out that Genoa's sewers were connected to a collector and were pumped out of Genoa bay. After criticizing the issue a little more extensively, I realized that this job was done without the huge pumping expense of the dirty waters descending with the rush due to the configuration of Genoa built on the hills. The island of Burgaz came to my mind immediately. During the transformation, I invited the first aid association and the Burgaz Island Lions Association to a joint meeting and at the meeting held at the Kalyon Hotel under the chairmanship of the late Haydar Özkın, the necessary regulation amendment was decided and Lion Prof. Hayri Ülgen and our friends named Lion Hazer Akın commissioned them and rolled up their sleeves. After all, the port is clean, restaurants and cafes, thanks to the fresh air, the docks are filled with tables and chairs. We cannot thank enough to these two hardworking friends who started this job.

My friend Celal from Burgaz Island My friend Celal, who owns a welder shop in the caulk area, was both a great master in his work and had a structure that was described as "rubber-like" in body. It was the place to say that he climbs the flat wall. It is not understood that he had a light belly even though he drank a can of water until the evening. As soon as his apprentice got used to work, he prepared the water from the district fountain. A lot of times the tins would end and bottle water would supplement. Since my friend Celal also worked in the sea, he installed a system on a boat to go to the ships and when necessary, he used to make emergency welding in transit ships. One day he was called for a job on a Russian oil ship, and he was exasperated by telling at the coffeehouse that he was fired with a manifestation of impertinence, even though he did the job that required great mastery under very difficult conditions, and that he was fired with a manifestation of impertinence and that he would settle accounts with the ship's captain at the earliest opportunity. Finally, we saw that he did not come to the coffee house to play with backgammon friend Ahmet known as Ahmedaki , sold us and was said to be devastated. As it turned out, he had advised the Black Sea captains and called while waiting for the passage in the oil ship poplar, which he wanted to settle against, and Celal met around Istinye with his engine in the twilight and dropped the hook on the nose pier and tied the cutting burner and hoses on his back and cut the chain of the 20-bit starboard side anchor in a snap With the agility of a monkey, the row stepped on his boat, which was dragged on the port side. The next day, he dragged the anchor he tied to the float with the algarna to the caulk place and apparently his customer was ready, he had ordered tea for all of us that day. A gunsmith had been waiting for a watch on Russian ships crossing the Bosphorus ever since. This incident happened in the 1950s, it seems that the Russian captain, who was exiled to Siberia, must have kept his sigh. In the sixties, a doctor came to Celal's shop to do a job and asked the amount of water Celal drank with his mug, and for years, some one and a half cans a day. "You have sugar disease. You have to be taken under control immediately." Our friend, who lost his quasi-quotation, had reached his ancestors within 4 months under the doctor's control. He was a good man, may Allah have gracious mercy. The Barber of Our Island Andigonoz The deceased was a good barber, but slightly cracked. After I cut my hair, it was time to shave. By that time the Americans had finished their manned missile work on the moon and its launch was only a matter of time. After reading this situation in the newspaper: Andigonos I think these guys will do this job. What do you think? It is not enough to say that our barber razor is in the air before: In repentance, the seventh floor is pierced and it constantly rains, I moved the shaving fascia to Istanbul until the result was the barber's Ramadan shop. Butcher Kiryako When you entered his shop, you would be greeted with the buzz of a fly. Since the curtain of beads he hung on the door was not enough for the flies to go away, it also imprisoned those who entered. The Japanese adhesive in the form of a ribbon hanging from the ceiling was pitch black, losing its honey color because it did not change often. Even though the meat grinder was covered with a cloth, without using it, fans with newspaper and flies flying into the air were put on your face. As a result, the municipality of the islands, which took the complaints seriously, placed a stovepipe-shaped device in a van and the street was smoky all over the street at night and it still continues. Since the inhabitants of the island sleep with open glass in the summer, our pharmacist Çetin is very pleased with the sale of cough syrup, as they were not notified by the municipal loudspeaker before spraying. Butcher Lütfü Çetin, who still took over the butcher's shop, seems to be doing well to fight flies because there are no more.

PRESENT BOARD MEMBERS CELEBRATING THE 70th ANNIVERSARY OF THE BURGAZADA MARINE CLUB President Turgut Koşar Vice President Yusuf Kenan Öztiryaki Secretary Vedat Özlevi Accountant Cenk Levi Member Tuna Rozant Member Albert A. Arditi Member Rafael Karkason

Harry Ojalvo - Şiirler Düşünceler [Thoughts in Poetry] (p.7-8)

The poet spirit is a gift from God in man. I think it is never to write poetry, carve the pencil and equip rows of unpleasant mismatched words.

For example, the flow of the events in Burgaz Island, where I lived in the summer for 52 years, my interest in people due to my poet spirit and my dedication to the establishment of a first aid center is a poetic incident. The crying of a child who is burnt, broken or torn on one side, and the abandonment of a person who is drowning or having a heart attack under the helpless gaze of the environment, motivates a person with a poet spirit. He sets up a first aid center like I did. Actually, I am one of you, ordinary, very uniform.

For 40 years, sitting on the same terrace towards the Heybeli beach of Burgaz Island, drinking coffee and looking at Heybeli Island is a poetic event for me. However, it was strange that I sat in the same place every night and looked at Heybeli with a steady gaze. to those who say; My explanation of the difference between looking and seeing is a poetic incident. For example, "What should Heybeli do if Heybeli?" My explanation to those who said was as follows:

The sea never offers the same view. Waves are never the same, the profile of Heybeli and the colors of the beach change from color to color according to the angle of the setting sun, yellows and browns turn into red and purple. The green of the pines changes from 80 shades of green to a color festival. This is a lie if I say I saw the same scene for 40 years. It has always changed and it will always change. This is the difference between seeing and looking. Some understood, and others thought, "This guy is crazy."

Sait Faik, who understands me and unfortunately lost early, and we went out for the night fish with 5-6 boats in Sivri Island, after catching the fish, we took the fish to rikar with the boat and we wrapped in blankets and took a nap with the decision of "Let's sleep a little, we will go fishing again at 4 am". The deceased's shouting "Get up" and shouting "Look at this moonlight" enraged some and caused them to grumble. However, although we were tired, we were sitting next to Sait Faik while enjoying the moonlight while refreshing our memories of Paris.

I mean:

The poem is not custom-made. Poetic feelings are also born only by seeing and feeling around. Pen and paper are never enough. It is essential to live life, to feel the tragedies, to know what we owe nationally, to feel the humorous and funny aspects, especially La Fontaine.

Personally, reading history is my greatest pleasure, as I settle for 3-4 hours of sleep a night. I write my poems in 4 languages ​​and speak 7 languages.

I will try to explain what I mean by presenting some of my poems to you.


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