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Greetings to Those Who Ask

A postcard belonging to the Özalp family that I mentioned in my previous articles and a pleasant coincidence, Sait Faik's view of the University of Grenoble, where he studied for three semesters.

Mr. Orhan Özalp Sarnıç Street No 11 Burgazada Istanbul Turquie


My dear brother Congratulate your and all your children's bairam I kiss your eyes. Greetings to those who ask. İlhan Ozalp

Sait Faik's European Days

In 1931, he went to Lausanne, Switzerland, to study economics at his father's request. Tired of the boredom of the city where he stayed for 15 days, he moved to Grenoble, France. He attended Champollion High School to learn French in this city. Then, he studied at the Faculty of Letters at the University of Grenoble for three semesters. The author lived for more than three years in Grenoble, established in the foothills of the Alps and known for its various industrial and scientific institutions. During his days there, he visited Paris, Lyon and Strasbourg, and went to Milan for a short time with his uncle. He came to Istanbul in the summer of 1932, and in 1934 he returned to Istanbul by the request of his family, via the Danube River through Central Europe. He settled in Rumeli Apartment on Rumeli Street in Nişantaşı, where his family had just moved. After Bursa Boys' High School, he left the schools he went to in Istanbul and abroad without getting a diploma. In the following years, he explained that he was actually wandering around the city where he attended the University of Grenoble and tried to find his literary personality.


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