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Feray Family

I found an album of the Feray family from Burgaz island consisting of seven photographs.

In the first photo: Burgaz island, Ertunç Feray's mother (Ertunç's grandmother, Hidayet Feray's mother's name was determined to be Selma from her obituary) and 6 August 1943, the note was written off.

Two weeks later, on August 20, 1943, the Feray family appears in a crowded pose. Considering that the clothes and jewelry on them are the same, these two photos were probably taken on the same day and one of them was dated incorrectly.

In the third photo, we are in the summer of 1944 and Ertunç is now 1.5 years old. Back side is stamped by Foto Özen Karaköy.

In the fourth photo, the dates show August 2, 1944. Ertunç was graded at 1.5 years old. Ertunç walks hand in hand with his mother and, I guess, his father. The elegance of the period, especially men's shoes, attracts attention. There is an embossed Foto Sabah Beyoğlu stamp in the photo.

The fifth photo is the last photo with Ertunç. He is seen with one of the elders of the family. We guess that this person is Izzettin Feray, one of the former presidents of Burgazada Marine Club. (Opinions on this subject are divided into those who argue that he is not at all similar, and those who are sure that he is.) History August 15, 1945, the day after the end of the Second World War. Little Ertunç accompanies his grandfather in shopping in the bazaar. Grandfather and grandchild are dressed the same :) It's like having a loaf of bread on your grandfather's arm. In the background, I can see the words "PASTA" on the wall and the long bar stools behind the tree. ⠀

The sign says "CÜLEP". Cülep, or julep in its original form, is a kind of cocktail that is named after rose water, garnished with mint, and prepared with bourbon, whiskey or just lemon. Over time, it turned into a drink with lemonade. Although I had a few guesses about the location, I could not reach the data I wanted to verify.

On the reverse side, there is a stamp next to AR FOTO Beyoğlu, İstiklal Caddesi Lale and Yıldız Cinemas. It's not hard to find a quick proof photo on the internet.

There is no Ertunç in the sixth photo, four adults are in front of a place like a restaurant. On the far right is Ertunç's mother, Selma Feray. The lady on the far left with the striped dress was also in the second photo. Partners appear for the first time. In the back, it looks like an officer in a white cap. The elegance of the period is once again in front of our eyes in this photo. On the reverse side, it is stamped Photo Cumhuriyet Taksim Istiklal Caddesi No: 20.

In the seventh and last photo we see a person smoking a hookah. It resembles the person we meet in the fourth photo (it could be İzzettin Feray). He holds the cane in his left hand and the hook of the hookah in his right hand. A newspaper appears next to the cane. He placed his hat on the chair. On the reverse side of the photograph is the phrase Burgas island 1959 Tevellüdum (birth information) 1880 Thessaloniki. With this photograph, we end the series of the Feray family, one of the distinguished Thessaloniki immigrant families living in Burgazada.

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