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The first electrical lightening of Burgaz island began in 1938 by means of a generator installed on the site of the old first aid center next to the current fire station. The installation and construction was made by someone named Cevat Bey. After that, someone named Stefo ran this generator until 1941. Until this date, the roads were lighted by gas pump lanterns under the control of the island guard.

Today, the electricity system of the Islands is met by five separate sea cables from Bostancı to Kınalıada, Küçükyalı to Burgazada, Dragos to Heybeliada and Büyükada, Kartal to Büyükada. Photocell and lighting systems are used in avenues and streets.

Tan Newspaper dated June 23, 1938

Electricity to Burgaz and Kınalı

The Ministry of Municipality has decided to make electrical installations in Burgaz and Kınalı, taking into account the applications made over the years. The relevant engineers have already started investigations for this job.

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