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Don't Forget!

By a small coincidence I realized a great work. I found a tape listed as Burgazada in Letgo application. When I researched, I learned that this is a cassette that is part of the book ''Vurulduk Ey Halkım, Unutma Bizi!...Unutmadık Seni'' (We got shot, my people, don't forget us!...We did not forget you), published by Uğur Mumcu Investigative Journalism Foundation (um:ag). In this tape, the artist Fikret Kızılok from Burgazada reads Uğur Mumcu's speech with his own voice, along with the symphonic composition he prepared with a long time and intense effort. In addition, the tape, which starts with an episode from Uğur Mumcu's own voice, ends with an anthem composed by Fikret Kızılok. The interesting part of the work is that this tape, produced by Kalan Music, is written by Çekirdek Art House Studio, 1995 November BURGAZADA on the recording part. Fikret Kızılok, who probably made the recordings at his home in Burgazada, preferred to show the address of Çekirdek Art House, which he founded and located in Çatalçeşme Bostancı, as Burgazada. On this occasion, I remember these two beautiful people with longing and wish them not to be forgotten.

Cassette Cover. Recording: Çekirdek Art House Studio, 1995 November BURGAZADA

Uğur Mumcu & um:ag

I would like to share a part of the preface of this book, written by Ali Sirmen, because I feel close to my effort to make me not to forget cultural heritage even if I am in a different field.

It is futile to expect the identities of people who emerged under certain circumstances of history. But it is possible to increase the number of others who have some of its attributes to make them take that torch and take it further.

This is the purpose of Uğur Mumcu Investigative Journalism Foundation um: ag, which presents this work to you. Otherwise, it is not just to keep the memory of Uğur alive. Uğur, who is integrated with the society with his rare essence, has been engraved in the memory of the society, even if nothing is done, and the wind of time that erases many traces will carry this memory to the future by increasing its intensity.

But the main purpose of um: ag is to keep him alive with the essence of his thoughts without making him a legend, and beyond that, we will no longer need new Uğur Mumcus who can sacrifice their life again without blinking, but to raise new researchers who will form small stones on the way to beautiful days.

The first condition for this effort to succeed is DO NOT FORGET.

Uğur calls out to you once again today:


Uğur Mumcu's drawing by Nuri Kurtcebe, who gives the book a profound meaning and depth with its master lines

Fikret Kızılok & Çekirdek Art House

Münir Fikret Kızılok is a Turkish rock music artist. He was born in Istanbul in 1946. On September 22, 2001, he died in a hospital from a long-term heart disease. He is one of the most important artists of the recent period with his rock sounds and experimental works for light Turkish music. (

Çekirdek Art House was a small venue that Fikret Kızılok laid the foundation for in order to make musical experiments in 1982. Over time, it also hosted Bülent Ortaçgil's first concert in Çekirdek, which was published under the name "Songs Singed to the Wind". When the friendship of Ortaçgil and Kızılok turned into a cooperation, they started to run Çekirdek together. In the following process, Çekirdek turned into an art house that supports original projects, new musical pursuits and a dynamic diversity, sharing the common language of the two songwriters. It was at the center of a sharing production and way of thinking, where everyone can attend the concert, and the tapes of the recorded recordings can be taken on the go.

Who hadn't played at Çekirdek Art House, which was converted from dentist Fikret Kızılok's dentist's office in Çatalçeşme Bostancı? Fikret Kızılok, Bülent Ortaçgil and Erkan Oğur… Robert 'One-Man' Johnson, Jak Esim, İlkin Deniz, Engin Noyan & Eser Noyan, Maria Rita Epik. The groups, Gündoğarken, Yeni Türkü ve Ezginin Günlüğü…

The interview of Bülent Ortaçgil about Çekirdek Art House in Radikal Newspaper:

Book-Cassette Set um: ag

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