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After a busy week, we are again at home with a lockdown. I wouldn't have thought that I would read the book I picked up breathlessly while enjoying coffee after breakfast. While buying an ephemera that I found on last week, among the books of the same bookshop, Dear Bercuhi Berberyan's first book, İçimiz Isınsız, which was published by Adalı Publications, caught my attention and added it to my order. I read very fondly Burgazada Sevgilim book, which sheds light on a period of Burgaz island. While placing the order, I had a feeling that this book might be related to Burgaz island, but I did not expect that much. I would recommend it to everyone. While I was reading, I had a lot of fun, emotional and hungry :) It was a book that influenced my imagination apart from these feelings. It is always my dream of an animated movie about Burgaz island. In my biodiversity sharing, Lizard Rafinesque and Snail Helix were added to my dreams. Many new characters have also been added from this book. Finally, I want to talk about a coincidence. In the beginning of the book, the letter of thanks "to my little friend Minas Miroğlu" caught my attention. Could the Minas mentioned really be Minas, the wife of my wife's cousin? After reading the following section of the book's final story, The White Pigeon, I was sure it was him now.

A little boy suddenly got into my life. Just when I was about to pull my skirt off from everything. In the deepest place of the overlapping death pains. He was like a genie, intelligence gushed all over him.

He was also sensitive ... and intuitive, a thousand times length of his finger height. I always get along well with young people and children. It must be because I cannot hide the child inside me. But even the child in it almost died at that time. Just as he did it, this kid outside woke the child inside me. I don't know how he did it again ... an old-headed friend made me realize that with his wisdom, I could overcome my pain with my skills.

He went and came and said "write". He went and came and said "draw". I was on the island at that time. He carried notepads, pens and canvases to me from Istanbul. And he convinced me. And I started to write about my feelings, to draw the things I love. I gradually liked what I wrote and liked what I drew. I gradually made peace with life ... A dove of peace had entered my life.

Thank you Minas for persuading dear Bercuhi Berberyan. Fortunately, our lives intersected as sons (grooms) of a big family.

Bercuhi Berberyan - İçimiz Isınsın Biraz, Adalı Publications, 2005 İstanbul

Research Notes: I would like to share with you the research notes I wrote down the keywords to remember the stories. Although it doesn't make much sense, it will give an idea. When I go to the island, I will look traces for the question marks :) 1- Mother (Burgaz island) His childhood passes in Burgaz island. Rental house well (?) 2- Lame Pigeon (Burgaz island) 3- Tony (Burgaz island) Awesome story. Tomb of the Doctor and his Parrot (?) 4- Horse Tea (Burgaz island) It is a very impressive story that the horse falling into the well waits by its head. The houses of Sanatorium Medeni Bey in Burgaz island. 5- Seagulls (Burgaz island) Seagull eggs. 6- Çarli (in Burgaz island) The domesticated lizard. Rafinesque's grandson :) 7- Mşuş (in Burgaz island) Her cat. The most meaningful relationship in her life. 8- Romeo and Juliet (Burgaz island) On the upper street of Ayos Yannis church is the immortal love story of Madam Evdoksiya's hen Jülyet and the rooster of bell ringer Todori's Romeo. 9- Three Dogs with Kınalı island 10- Meme Hatun (Burgaz island) Arapoğlu's House. Greek man from Karaman. In that gorgeous, secret garden house (?) Dr. Ahmet and Cavidan Erberger. 11- Bird 12- Wish we could eat (Burgaz island) Hermit Crab, baskets of Lobster Kalpazan, Punta, Çamakya, Indos pressurelamps, log Former Mayor Coşkun Özden's father Hüseyin The house they rented on Bülent Pharmacy A safe life with unlocked doors Fisherman Manol 13-Zeus (Burgaz island) Angelos used to live in one of the few houses in the garden, which is a huge forest in the area stretching towards the hills on the right, at the intersection of the street where the Austrian nuns' gardens are located and the street where the synagogue intersects. Kangal Zeus Butcher Kiryako 14-Cats Can't Swim (Burgaz island) Deaf dumb boy Kosta Community centre (Halkevi) A child is throwing cats into the sea. Legendary act throwing the child and his mother into the sea. The story of saving a cat from the sea is wonderful. Pharmacist Çetin. 15- Requiem Trees (Burgaz island) Ships tied steel ropes to the plane tree on the slope of the mosque. The oven's sycamore was used as a shoemaker and greengrocer. 16- Sarmasık Site and My Ant Neighbors (Kınalı island) Man will cry only when the last tree is destroyed. '' A great Indian saying 17- Corc 18- Crows Are Smart 19- Jozefin (Burgaz island) Arapoğlu, a Greek from Karaman, was a stingy, stingy and grumpy old man who lived alone. But they love each other out of love for animals. Arapoğlu's house is a very old house. It has nothing special, extremely uncomfortable, almost cheesy. It was said that the house was only a hundred years old at that time. A house built on the corner of one of the streets leading down to the beach, on the corner of the street where the bakery and the old pharmacy are located, as well as a high or uncertain wall that stretches almost half of the street. It used to be isolated. Thick walls, high ceilings, stone everywhere, cold. Their rooms are huge. Although there are huge bathrooms on the upper floors, the bathroom and laundry of the lowest two apartments were in a separate place in the garden, as the bath basin with boiler and a large marble tub. As soon as you step into the secret garden with the high walls from the kitchen, on the left, the jasmine is drunk with its scent. Long detailed description of the garden. A well mouth (?) With six cisterns, carved from white solid marble in the middle, with a curved cover made of hammered copper (?) This is the story of Jozefin, the turtle whose shell was marked in red, escaping from this secret garden. Veli Dayı sees Jozefin in Paradisos. 20- Dog with Mouth Socks (Burgaz island) A fascinating sad story about Greek Aristi and his dog Kont, who takes care of his old mother What is left of him in his house a pair of dark blue socks, Tom Miks magazine, candy for kids in a jar and non-inflated balloons Book: Pirandello - The Man with a Flower Mouth 21- Pif and Paf (in Burgaz island) A gripping story. The cluster of the guard family in Sait Faik's museum house. His sons İlhan and Erdal The great friendship of Pele the Dog and the Rooster Pif 22- Noktacık (in Burgaz island) Medical assistance of pharmacist foreman Çetin 23- Raca (Kınalı island) 24- Tarçın/Cinnamon (in Burgaz island) The symbol of the island. His other name is Bekir. poisoning. 25- Innocent Owl (Burgaz & Kınalı) The enigmatic voices and the breath of the Virgin Mary. Saadettin Teksoy, a strict follower and enlightener of mysterious events :) A family of white gray owls seen in Burgaz and Kınalı. 26- The Migration of the Storks Injured Stork, Leyla stay for a year and the convoys do not accept her. 27- My Childhood Cats (Burgaz island) Piçon, Ciovanni and Sariko Ciovanni dude with fishermen 28- Hüsam 29- Şarman 30- Load Donkeys (Burgaz island) Veli Dayı's mercy 31- Talin The cat she took to her class while she was teaching at Esayan School and her birth story is very beautiful. 32- Mummy Dog Unmanned island Sivriada mussel store. They buy tomatoes, cucumbers, lemon, bread, olive oil and pan for mussels. If you have fan mussel (Pina) the priority of the grill then its fried mussels. Muvakkar Orhon's boat name is Hürriyet and he would go to catch sword fish with him. Giant fan mussel that break the head. Bercuhi is a good diver. Immersed under the boat, the fan mussel snaps shut and grabs her hair. get off the hook and save herself. Mummy Dog is very sad exemplary story. 33-Little Green Heart Dog coming from Bostancı to visit the islands 34- Bonti Dr. Pavlo and his wife Efi are next door neighbors in their home on the beach. The story of Bonti, the black reed dogs, rescued from poisoning is very exciting. 35 - The White Pigeon White Dove of Peace: Minas Miroğlu I am grateful to the internet, which upset me during the presentation of the Çekül Foundation last week, for giving me the chance to chat with Bercuhi Berberyan as soon as the book is over.

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