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In my previous article, I called for help on which of the cartoons in the journal of political science graduates is Muvakkar Orhon. The answer I was looking for came from Erhan Erbelger. Muvakkar Orhon is his grand uncle; the younger brother of his grandmother Cavidan Erbelger. He sharedthat the first or third cartoon from the top may belong to the Muvakkar Orhon and a photo of him. Although I am very confused when I compare the cartoon and the photo, I think the third cartoon from the left is more likely to be the Muvakkar Orhon because of the similarity in the haircut.

Muvakkar Orhon at the front left

The research of cartoons also led to find the location of the balcony where the famous clarinet melody of the famous jazzist Hrant Lusigyan, who is the constant guest of Muvakkar Orhon, is scattered across the market. I marked the house where Muvakkar Orhon lived on the greengrocer opposite post office in my map project.

I would like to thank Erhan Erbelger for providing his valuable information and photo.

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