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Burgaz Island Teachers Recreation Camp Brochure 1968


For twenty years, T.Ö.D.M.F. (Turkey Teacher Associations National Federation), serving to hometown culture, Turkish society, and especially to Turkish Children, has always been at the service and service of its valuable teacher friends. Among the services provided by T.Ö.D.M.F. to our teacher friends, we are opening summer camps.

T.Ö.D.M.F. In order to increase the knowledge and manners of our tired teacher friends by having fun, relax and to spend their holidays happy as a group of colleagues, they open summer camps with the teachers in the building bought in Burgaz Island, Istanbul.

Our teacher friends and relatives who stayed in our camp in the past years:



NATURAL BEAUTY                                              ORDER 

taking into consideration that they praised and reserved for this year,

  our friends who want to benefit from the service not to be late

We're sorry.

The teacher who will join our camp to work with the principle of low wage and more service. We wish our friends a happy summer vacation.



1- The camping place is the heartwarming BURGAZ ISLAND with its green pine tree, which is one of the most distinguished corners of Istanbul and the view overlooking the sea.

2- Our camp is opened in our camp building, which is the property of our Federation, and in its comfortable tents built in its garden this year.

3- The opportunities provided for our campers to rest better are:

a) Each camper will be given a mattress, a bed, a pillow and a pike.

b) According to the decision of a representative of the campers to be chosen among themselves and a board to which the camp managers and the chief cook will participate, each satisfying, tasteful breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided.

c) Lunch will be eaten in the shade under the caliper.

ç) Thermosiphon bath

d) Large, two meter tall refrigerator with showcase ...

e) Sun seats, sun loungers, rows of seats and seats.

f) Dressing cabins, etc., where campers enter the sea.


4- Our colleagues who want to join the camp:

a) They can apply to Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard 14/12 Demirtepe Ankara or our phone number 12 99 46.

b) The camper should explain in the letter of how many people to participate in the commission, post the fee so that he / she can be sent a document showing the room number and the room number reserved.

c) Those who are in Ankara can apply to our Federation Center Office at the address mentioned above every day from 14:00 to 17:30 and reserve their places and pay their money against a receipt.

d) After the 1st of July 1968, all applications will be made to the address of Teachers Camp Directorate in Istanbul - Burgaz Island in order to avoid any delays and mistakes.


5- For each period of 15 days in the camp, tent 250 per person, room 275 pounds fee is taken in advance, a 50% discount is made for children who are 6-10 years old, but they are not given a bed.

The money should be sent to the following address:

Akdeniz Turkey Teachers Bank Branch account number: 21089.

6- Children under 6 years of age cannot attend the camp with those with infectious disease and those with extreme disability even if they are not contagious.

7- A camper can stay in our two-period camps at most.

8- The camp can be attended by teachers working in schools of all grades, and the National Education officials working in offices and their spouses, children, parents and siblings.

9- Registration of paid cash in advance is made to our camp in the order of application for each period. For circuits with a high number of applicants, members of our Federation associations and those working in deprivation areas are given priority.


  I.PERIOD   8 July Morning. 22 July Night.

 II.PERIOD 23 July Morning    6 August Night.

III.PERIOD   7 August Morning.  21 August Night.


- Since the camp is considered as a resting and health gaining place, meals, sleep, rest and entertainment, times of swimming will be briefly arranged according to a schedule of daily life in the camp.

- All of our campers, who include the above mentioned program and apply to join our camp, comply with our camp internal regulations applied last summer.

- Those who want to disturb the peace of the camp with the attitudes and behaviors or similar movements that are incompatible with the order of the society and the dignity of the teacher, are abandoned from the camp by the Camp Administration.

- The money collected for those who are expelled from the camp, in any case, is not refundable and these people cannot join our camp in the coming years.


- Since all campers, teachers and their relatives, you will find a warm environment where you are not a stranger.

- You will see and watch the most beautiful of the sea, the most insatiable of nature, and the kinds of green that make people rest.

- You will watch the moonlight of Marmara evenings, you will participate in the entertainment of the SEA AND SPORTS Clubs every night in BURGAZ, you will have as much fun in your life and rest as much as you don't listen.

- You will visit the most interesting places of Istanbul, which cannot match its historical riches, you will have fun and you will learn many new things by having fun ...

- We will organize motor trips in the evenings we want, you will watch the unforgettable views of Marmara nights on these trips, you will hear the beauty of Marmara night in all its soul, and you will live with all your self.

6- You will have fun whenever you want, rest whenever you want, and learn whenever you want.


"From the memory of our camp"

`` I fully enjoyed the pleasure that teachers are a community in taste, pride, fun, learning and teaching, in Burgaz Island Teachers Camp .. ''

'' A beautiful nature ... The perfect view. An agreed community that comes here to have fun, to rest, to learn: Here is the National Federation of Teachers' Associations in Burgaz Island Camp .. ''

'' Burgaz Island, the sea of ​​the island, the pines, the nature, the camp site is so beautiful that one cannot get enough of the taste of the place and feels the pain of the days of leaving from the first day. Teachers Camp in Burgaz Island is really beautiful and very relaxing .. ''

'' Turkey Teachers Association National Federation of Teachers recreation camp opened in Burgaz Island, I think one of the numerous services made by the Turkish Teachers are Turkey Teachers Association National Federation opened, thanks very much to open and govern .. ''

'' I rested and had a really fun fifteen days at the Burgaz Island Teachers Camp. Thank you. I will come again next year and spend my vacation here. ''

'' I recommend all my colleagues to the Burgaz Island Teachers Camp ... It is really beautiful and relaxing .. ''

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