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Burgaz Island Police Station

Istanbul University presented Yıldız Photography Collection of Sultan II.Abdülhamid Han which is one of the richest visual archives in the world, to the use of researchers in digital environment. There are 36,558 photos in 918 albums opened for digital access. One of them is the Burgaz island police station, taken byThe Abdullah Brothers who were the official Photographers to the Palace.

Photo: Abdullah Brothers - Official Palace Photographers. 26x20cm in red striped frame, 40x30cm with passepartout

The location of the police station is the building in the upper left corner, which is marked as Police (Karakol) under the Rue Karakol (Karakol Street) on the map of Necip Bey. Today, the police station is in a different position.

Before this photo was made available, the only published image of the police station in my hand was the photograph that Pars Tuğlacı stated as Burgaz island police station in his book Istanbul Islands throughout History; but I did not think that such a magnificent building would be the police station in Burgaz island. As a result of my researches, I determined that this photo is the Rally (Ralli) Mansion, located on Büyükada (Prinkipo) Çankaya (Nizam) Avenue and known as the Gilded (Yaldızlı) Mansion or Nacred (Sedefli) Mansion.

Pars Tuğlacı, Istanbul Islands throughout History page 279 - Burgaz island police station

Another document belonging to the Burgaz island police station appears in the book Istanbul Islands in Documents published by Islands Culture Association Publications:

Due to their efforts in performing their duties, the Gendarmerie Sergeant Eğinli Osman Efendi in Kınalıada (Proti) and the Police Officer Rıfkı Efendi in Büyükada (Prinkipo) to be awarded with Order of the Medjidie and Gendarmerie Corporal Mahmud and Gendarmerie Private Ahmed in Burgaz islad to be awarded with the Medal of Honor; upon the proposal from the Istanbul Municipality, kindly requested for permission, the copy of the letter sent by the Ministry of Internal Affairs to Prime Ministry. September 2, 1902.

Istanbul Islands in Documents, Islands Culture Association Publications page 187

* The Ottoman copy of the maps drawn by engineer Necip Bey, who worked as the director of the Istanbul Municipality Map Operations between 1914-1918, was published in Vienna in 1918 and the French copy in the Ahmed İhsan Printing House in 1924.

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