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Burgaz Island Pharmacy - Abdüllatif Erdi & Gripin

1957 Burgaz Island Pharmacy - Abdüllatif Erdi envelope in my archive. Behind it is the famous brand Gripin ad.

About Gripin

Being one of the first entrepreneurs of the new Republic, Necip Bey not only fills the gap in a certain area and meets the needs of that area, but also becomes the name father of many brands that have survived to the present day. There are also interesting stories about the discovery of these names, especially Gripin and Radioline. Nilay Karagülmez Abamor tells about the Gripin brand from these stories:

Those who want to share in the success of Radyolin in a short time reveal their imitations. Necip Bey decides to produce painkillers by responding to this move of his opponents with their tactics. At that time, Necip Bey was aided by his intelligence and foresight in the commercial field, and the coincidences that coincided with his period. It produces a new medicine by taking the 'in' complementary noun of Aspirin, which is a world brand in this field, and combining it with the 'Grip' (Flu) , which was a serious epidemic in those years; Head, tooth, muscle, nerve, lumbago, rheumatism, sciatica, cold, flu and so on, the first thing that comes to our mind in many diseases, in rainy, damp and cold weather, joyless and upset moments, used by women at certain times, does not disrupt the stomach, and it does not tire the kidneys, the first drug that comes to mind when you say ... I wonder which one do you think? Of course, GRİPİN! The rumor of "Buy a Gripin, nothing will remain!" Increasingly makes this drug the only and indispensable in its field in a short time, making it a kind of 'national' and 'local' drug. The box of the flu is also effective in the recognition and spread of this drug, at least as much as the product in the woman picture on it. Herewith, I would like to congratulate all our doctors and all our healthcare professionals Medicine Day, and wish you health days.

Source: Efemera Magazine Issue 14, Burçak Evren - Corporate History Necip Bey Creams p. 20-21

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