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Burgaz Island Lioness Club Association - Importance of Islands in Tourism and Literature, Panel

Speakers and topics list of the seminar/panel organized under the Burgaz Island Lioness Club Association and the auspices of Minister of Culture and Tourism Mr. Mükerrem Taşçıoğlu at Atatürk Culture Center on 3 May 1984:

Haldun Taner - Islands in History

Semiha Akpınar - History and Archeology of Islands

Turgut Cansever - History and Future of the Architectural Environment in Adalar

Reha Gunay

İsmet S. Barutçugil - Island Tourism in terms of Tourism Management and Istanbul Islands

Muhsin Zekai Bayer - Landscape Integrity of the Islands and Tourist Development Suggestions

Turhan İstanbullu - Comment on speeches

Emre Kongar - Kıray's Statement, Some Thoughts on Slums and Islands

Doğan Hızlan - About Islands

Zeyyat Selimoğlu - Islands and Turkish Literature

May 1, 1984 Cumhuriyet Newspaper's announcement in culture section:

The seminar and panel titled "The Place and Importance of Islands in Turkish Tourism and Literature" organized by Burgaz Island Lioness Club under the auspices of the Minister of Culture and Tourism Mükerrent Taşçıoğlu will start at 9:30 on Thursday, May 3 at the Istanbul Atatürk Culture Center Concert Hall. Lecturer Prof. Dr. Marmara University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. Dr. Mübeccel Kıray, and the commentator is Professor of Hacettepe University. Dr. Emre Kongar. In the session titled "Islands and Turkish Literature" directed by Haldun Taner, Doğan Hızlan will give a speech. Zeyyat Selimoglu will attend this session as a commentator. Finally, at 17.00, a panel will be organized by Milliyet Newspaper's lead author Mehmet Barlas. To the panel, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, General Director of Antiquities and Museums. Nurettin Yardım, Culture and Ministry of Tourism General Manager of Tourism Cem Tarhan, Doğan Hızlan, Prof. Dr. Emre Kongar, Assoc. Dr. Turgut Cansever and Assoc. Dr. İsmet Barutçugil will attend as speakers.

I share some parts of the information given by Semiha Akpınar about the History of the Islands, Christianity and Burgaz Island.

My next post will be about a memory that Zeyyit Selimoğlu kept at the end of his speech. 

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