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Brasserie İndos

There is an interesting collection (compilation) story of five photographs of a family that are on the same day while strolling in the İndos District. ⠀

I found the first two photos listed as Burgazada in a second-hand bookstore.

The third one came across in another second-hand bookshop, listed as "Islands ? ". It was a special pleasure for me that the building belonging to the Indos Casino is visible in this photograph.

To make sure it was the Indos Casino, I looked at photographs from 1925 in the Stratis Tarinas archive in Athens. These photographs were published in Akilas Millas' book Proti-Antigoni in 1992, see. p. 382-3.

It is clearly seen that the building on the wall of which Indos Brasserie* is written in Latin alphabet is written with Katharevusa** vocabulary and Greek Ζυθοπωλεῖον ὁ Ίνδός (Brewery Indos) in its spelling. In the photo of 1935 in my archive, we see that these articles have been deleted. While examining this photo, I realized something that I had not noticed before. In the upper right corner of the photo in the Stratis archive, the old text Indos Beer is written very faintly:



Since it is before the alphabet revolution, it is quite normal to have old writing.

Indos Brewery in three different languages. Great discovery :)

After examining these three photographs, with the note "My Daughter, Meziyet 5-9-1935 İhsan" written on the reverse side, it was not difficult to discover the fourth photograph of the same day in the Prince Islands book published by the Islands Museum. The sea baths in Indos district can be seen clearly in the photo found in the Cengiz Kahraman Archive.

The last photo is from the digital archive of Osman Gül, which I shared before. Unfortunately, it is unclear who the original is. I hope to meet you one day.

The location of the Indos Casino coincides with the area where the Gründberg-Kamhi twin villas and the last house before the forest are located today, when you continue on the road that leads up to the hill (to the left according to the photo), from the high white structure clearly visible on the far left of the island in the photo below. Its estimated location is marked with a red X. You can also access it from the project I marked on google earth.

*Brasserie is the name given to small businesses that used to produce beer. Means "pub" and "brewery" in French.

**Until the 1960s, the written language of Greek resembled ancient Greek and was called "Katharevusa". In other words, the spoken language and the written language were different from each other. Today, only colloquial language is used.

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