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Barba Toma Is 110 Years Old

Burgaz Island, which is a subdistrict of Büyükada (Prinkipo) like Heybeliada (Halki),

its length is 1900 and its widest part is 1300 meters. Its native population is 1510 people. In the summer, this amount was twelve, fifteen thousand. There are 541 houses and apartments, 87 shops and 22 streets on the island. Piny region holds 65 hectares.

Burgaz island

Burgaz Island does not have a hotel

At the beginning of the port, there was a huge building with six casinos and a hotel owned Sinyosoğlu. It is sold. The one who purchased also built an apartment. Andrea Arzumanoğlu, who has been running the casino under this building for twenty-three years, is building a hotel with 14 rooms and 28 beds quite inside the beach. Andrea, the son of the famous chickenman Yordan, would call his hotel Pension Turistic Yordan. A lovely building. Another entrepreneur was thinking about building a larger hotel on Gönüllü Street. There is no hostel either. Houses are given only in the cottage. In this regard, someone who missed the last ferry in Burgaz Island must have a morning in the pines.

Three phaeton with one horse

The number of phaetons, which is 120 in Büyükada (Prinkipo) and 14 in Heybeliada (Halki), is only three in Burgaz Island. They are also one-horse. The tour is neither large nor small, since there is no road around the island. Phaetons carry loads in the winter. Two and three donkeys would come in the summer.

It is called Kalpazan Kaya (Forger Rock) because of counterfeit

Besides the fire department, there is a Sea Club and a small beach on Yalı Avenue. However, the most suitable place for the sea on the island is Kalpazan Kayası (Forger Rock) locality in the west. Since the counterfeiters in this rock once pressed coin, the name was left from Kalpazan Kaya. This is also a fishing spot. Abundant mackerel hunts in the season. By phaeton, only half way up. The rest will be walked.

It is impossible to find a doctor outside working hours in winter

There is a cistern in the houses. Water is given to tankers and those close to the shore from tankers. Drinking water comes with carboy. The baker has not have a oven for four years on the island. He supplies his bread from the nearby islands. Sewage is only available in buildings on the shore. The suburb has a municipal doctor. It is impossible to find a doctor on the island outside of working hours in winter, as he does not live on the island. But there are doctors who come to the cottage in the summer. The private sanatorium was closed in 1942. The building is now an apartment. The phone is only available in three or four locations.

Long Live Barba Toma

Yes, no water, no bakery, no doctor after five in the evening, no sewer, no hotel, no hostel, no more than three or four phones, but there is a Barba Toma that is 110 years old. How should he compile 110 years old with all this? If these deficiencies are obtained in a short time, it is not even possible for Barba Toma to live for 220 years and for others to find 110. Because everything is abundant in every corner of this country to make the citizens long-lasting and happy. As long as we know how to mobilize these opportunities for our health and happiness.

Hayat Journal January 1, 1957 No: 1 An article by Fikret Arıt about the virgin days of our Burgaz Island and the secret of long life.

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