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Bahçeler/Yeni Yalı Street

I was very excited when this postcard, which was listed in the same way at the auction because of the wrongly engraved Kınalıada writing on it, was caught on my radar as a result of careful examination of each catalog. Yeni Yalı Street (New Mansion Street before Bahçeler/Gardens Street) is a rare piece where the gardens of mansions can be seen very clearly. When you look in detail, an elegant mansion (1) with a tower on Yeni Yalı Street immediately draws attention. Unfortunately, this mansion at number 27 was demolished with the permission of the Municipality. The 3-storey wooden mansion (2), which carries the characteristic architectural elements of the island, located in the Saint Georg land to the right of the tower structure, was in a very worn condition, but remained standing until the fire of October 6, 2003. Unfortunately, this mansion and Kevencioğlu Mansion on Gönüllü Caddesi were destroyed in the same fire. There are masonry floor walls on the parcel of the building, which exhibits a Neo Baroque style. The wooden structure used as an outbuilding of the building still exists. Again, the building (3) in the last photograph, which is located in the continuation of this line, was also destroyed.

Yeni Yalı Street. Wrongly Kınalı island listed.

While talking about this area, it is useful to talk about the Place of Marabets. The land of the area called Place of Marabets, located in the direction of Heybeli island to the left of Bayraktepe/Hristos hill, belongs to the Sankt Georg Austrian High School. The high school, which was founded in 1905, has a summer house where education was held until 1950, a hospital, lodgings, a vineyard where nuns grew grapes and produced wine and a church. Located in Yeni Yali and Kış Bahçesi (Winter Garden) Streets, registered under the Austrian Sankt Georg School Site, on an area of ​​40427m², five masonry houses with gardens and two floors, two wooden houses and a barn with gardens numbered 1, 10, 11, 12, 13, 20, 22 There is a garden and a masonry temple. This area has been allotted and went down to 9082m².

Yeni Yalı Street from different angle


📷1: Detail view of Yeni Yalı street. Numbered disappearing mansions

📷2: A different angle from Burgaz island to Heybeli. Detail view of Yeni Yalı street. Numbered disappearing mansions

📷3: Elegant mansion with tower (1)

📷4: The garden of the Marabets and the mansion with a tower in the background

📷5-8: 3-storey wooden mansion in Neo Baroque style (2)

📷9-10: Mansion with red doors (3)

Gardens on Maps / Yeni Yalı Street

📷11: Cesar Raymund Plan de l'ile Antigoni Rue Baghtcheler (Bahçeler/Gardens Street) 1910s

📷12: Istanbul Map Company. Yeni Yalı Sokak. 1930s

📷13: Necip Bey Map 1914

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