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A postcard written in German handwriting on October 4, 1900. Ottoman era stamped in Burgazada. The next day, on October 5, 1900, there is an depart stamp from Galata. An ephemera that I have come across for the first time to use Antigony instead of Antigoni. Thanks to the help from the social media, we were able to read only the surname Leitner, apart from that, unfortunately, I cannot translate the text of the message because I had a hard time reading it due to the handwriting. I would be grateful if anyone can help with this.

According to what we learned from dear Robert Schild's book Canlı Bir Etnografik Müzesi Burgazadası , the Leitner Family: Austrian; their first arrival on the island in 1948; Eduard Leitner was also the factory representative; his grandson Sabi still lives in Burgazadası. Also from my conversation with Robert Schild, the surname Leitner is a very common Austrian surname; On the other hand, while Erwin Köhle was describing the German and Austrian families in Burgazada, I learned that some of them started their arrival to the island from the date of their return from exile in Anatolia.

To briefly recall the aforementioned exile from the same source: Towards the end of the Second World War, the Turkish Republic cut off diplomatic relations with Germany and made German and Austrian citizens residing in the country, residing in the German High School with the mansions of the consulates of these countries in the Bosphorus for nine months. In April 1945, they were presented with options such as exile to Central Anatolian cities such as Yozgat or Kırşehir or returning to their homeland.

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