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Allure of Archives

While reading Nurçin İleri's article, which was published in the first issue of Sekme Magazine, with pleasure, I liked the following excerpt.

Arlette Farge, a historian who studies the eighteenth century French forensic and police records and focuses on the stories of the marginalized segments of society, in his book Allure of the Archives, expresses the importance of saving lives that cannot leave a single note behind while living. According to Farge, the task of the historian is a rescue operation. Although the dusty documents of the archives "cannot bring the stranded back to life, this should not be the reason why we leave them for a second death," she says. She argues that the story we will tell may be very limited, but that the mysterious presence of these actors stranded in history will attract the attention of others and new stories will emerge from it. This work of Farge beautifully explained what many young generations of historians, myself included, wanted to do in the early 2000s: to follow the silences of history.

For the full article:

In the rest of the article, I discovered the Bosphorus Archives. Although I could not find a document about Burgaz island in the archives, I came across an Istanbul map covering the Islands and photographs of Prinkipo/Büyükada in an album sent to Hüseyin İnan by Marie Miller.

To view the album:

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