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Ahmet Nafiz Özalp - Member of 1st Grand National Assembly of Turkey

Ahmet Nafiz Özalp

(b. 1889, Ilgin, Konya) - (d. 13 November 1955), Turkish politician. He graduated from Konya Law School. Konya Province Clerk, Industrial School Clerk and Nevşehir High School Art Teacher, Yıldızeli, Canik Bideteli Court Directorate (Public Prosecutor), Samsun 32. Deputy Forensic Consultant, Member of 1st TBMM (Grand National Assembly of Turkey) for Canik (Samsun) , Parliamentary Inspector, He was a member of the Diyarbekir Independence Court (elected but not in office).

Özalp Mansion

Özalp Mansion owned by Ahmet Bey (1927) through the immigration exchange, after his death, to his son Nafiz Özalp (1 November 1937),  constructed in a Neo-Greek style with a wooden two-storey garden on the stone floor number 11 on an area of ​​768 m² in Sarnıç Street. After his death, Kadriye and his sons Orhan and İlhan Özalp and his daughter Nilüfer Furtun (November 14, 1957).

Burgaz Palace

Two shops under 1.3.5 and below, located on an area of ​​372,50 m² on the Sinyosoglu Mansion (I), which was once owned by the Özalp family, in Burgaz Palas, Çarşı (Gezinti) Avenue and Yalı Avenue. and a three-storey half-masonry, half-timbered hotel with a dock, registered in the name of the Treasury (21 May 1926), by purchasing to Ahmet Nafiz Özalp (18 May 1938), after his death, his successors Kadriye, İlhan, Orhan, Nilüfer Özalp (14 November 1957), from them to Muhsin Kurşun (5 February 1980), Fatma Leman (30 July 1981), Dikran Kara (12 August 1981), Ceni and Onnik Diraduryan (22 After the passing of April 1982), the hotel, which was devastated by maintenance over time, was demolished and reconstructed as a reinforced concrete (1983) and turned into a condominium by the architect Ercan Akyıldız.

The building, whose first name was "Pantheon", changed its name afterwards and continued its activities under the name "Hotel Antigoni" and then "Burgaz Hotel" until 1942. The hotel, which was closed after this date, was renovated and rented until 1982.

The building before the collapse was one of the interesting examples of Neo-Greek style with Doric and Ionic columns inspired by the Greek architecture on its front faces, wide triangular pediments on the columns, frieze (ornamental belt) elements.

April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day celebration in front of Burgaz Palace

Muslim Cemetery in Burgaz Island (Built 1920 - 1922)

Against Kınalıada, this cemetery, located on a pine ridge near the sea, can be reached by a road leaving Gönüllü Caddesi. Since there is no mousse stone in Burgazada Mosque, a mousse stone was placed here, and funeral prayers are performed here. Among the famous people buried in this cemetery are Sait Faik Abasıyanık, Ahmed Nafiz Özalp (one of the founding members of the 1st TBMM) and Dr.Medeni Akman.

Source: TUĞLACI, Pars, Istanbul Islands Throughout History-2, 1992 Istanbul.

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