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A Monster in Marmara Sea

How was one of the biggest sharks seen in our waters of recent years captured in Marmara?

A light southwester (lodos) was blowing, the waters of Marmara stretched towards misty, dark horizons with small twists. Two people were on the fishing boat off the coast of Kınalı and Burgaz island: Graduate of Faculty of Political Sciences and amateur fisherman Muvakkar Orhon and Arif from Selimpaşa, who spent their time in the sea rather than his trading house in Perşembepazarı. They were on the tuna hunt. He helps a big acorn with his back. Five, six millimeter-thick strings placed the steel needle, swinging at the end of the fishing rod, into the slit with the bottom to the head and the tip slightly out of the head of the fish. They put a thin stick with a piece of iron weighing 150 grams to keep the fish from sinking and stay flat in the water. They sewed the cleft. To keep it parallel to the bottom, they tied the body wire with a nylon ring. After all this preparation, they slowly released the fishing rod into the water. Now the bait was waiting in 15 fathoms.

The time was advancing, the amateur fisherman Muvakkar Orhon was holding the fishing rod, his friend Arif was also paddling the wind and currents to stop the fishing apiko, which means plummet. There was not the slightest movement in the dark depths. Dawn broke. A gray light appeared on the foggy Marmara horizons. At the same time, he moved the fishing rod. Muvakkar Orhon, who was waiting for a tuna, left the fishing line and began to distract and tire the fish. Despite the effort of about an hour, the slightest fatigue was not felt in the fish at the end of the fishing rod. The Muvakkar Orhon had hunted more than 300 tuna until that day. But the movements of this fish did not look like any of them. He remembered the sharks he caught a year ago. They were slow and heavy things. This did not hit the head like tuna, and it acted very fast and surprised the boat.

Muvakkar Orhon, who had sore skin on his hands, called Arif and left the fishing rod to him. Meanwhile, the fish had opened up three miles of sandals. They took the fish up after a long struggle that lasted two hours. But they were afraid to approach. Because the greatest monster of these seas was a shark. He leaves the rope in a little space and starts to pull the fish by staying. With the pain of the needle in the mouth of the beast with his head turned to the shore, he could no longer resist calling. When it comes to shallow waters, the blonde is tall; The other two, the dark and short, were busy cutting tickets to the public at twenty-five cents per man. At the head of the shark in the tent, a tall man gave a description to the curious:

-Weight? ... Three tons and fifty-five kilos. I and my two brothers, who cut tickets outside, caught it. It took us eight hours. I thought it was a submarine at the first exit. A range turned upside down to snatch the boat. The lower jaws of sharks are short. So when he grabs it, he turns upside down. That's when I glued the harpoon. These do not travel alone, there are others in Marmara. We will go out after the New Year.

In the fisheries records, it was written that the monster was kept by amateur fisherman Muvakkar Orhon, weighed 2000 kilos and sold for 250 liras. Muvakkar Orhon, who happens to be the top of the fishing athletes in our country, is the sea of ​​love and passion, and pays only a quarter of his expenses like all amateurs, watching the fluffy and smoky sea from the balcony of his house in Burgaz island at that time, unaware of this comedy played in Eminönü, he was waiting for the weather to recover for a new fishing trip.

Photo on the left: Curious People - In order to see the shark exhibited in the tent in Eminönü, the people bought tickets to the bustle, then came across the beast and watched it with amazement and interest.

Photo on the right: Mouth - The jaws of the beast were kept open with a thick wooden stake to show the public that this mouth was thrown over the victim with a great appetite and gnawed it with her big teeth. It is possible to see the notches opened by these horrible teeth even in big fish caught. These are rarely fish that can get rid of the mouth of insatiable sharks.

I would like to thank Erhan Erbelger for sharing this fantastic news about his great uncle Muvakkar Orhon.

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