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A House at Indos - Master Architect Ilya Ventura

Arkitekt Monthly Architecture, Urbanism and Municipalism Magazine. XXI th Year 1951 March-April

This summer house with a basement and ink on two floors was built in Indos, on a very inclined land.

The level of the street is less than the level of the upper floor of the building. A bridge connects the floor directly to the street. You go down the stairs to the lower floors in the garden.

The house can accommodate three families with a separate floor. Individual floors are built on the same program.

The floors consist of 3 rooms, a hall, a kitchen, WC, shower, a maid room. The construction expense in the islands is considered to be higher than the city, and the construction program is enclosed in a very narrow area.

The mosaic stones in the basement, the double slope of the roof and the eaves can be seen from the outside, the balustrades of the terraces are wooden, giving the building a character of a cottage.

Master Architect İlya Ventura (1919-2005)

He was born in Istanbul. He completed his secondary education in German High School and entered to the department of Architecture of the Academy of Fine Arts (today Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University) from which he graduated in 1945. His most important work is the Synagogue of Neve Şalom in Şişhane which was built between the dates 1948-1950 with the collaboration of Bernard Motola. Ventura migrated to Israel in 1968 and continued to his profession there. He died in Israel.

Final form of the house before it destroyed. Photo: Gökhan Tan, Islands Architects Buildings

Note: You can see the location of this house, which was destroyed in the past years, in the space on the left after the Indos road. I also marked its location on google maps.

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