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I stopped by Meftun, who sells building materials under the terrace cafe. Thank you for gifting two photos hanging on the wall to my collection.

In the first photograph, as far as I learned from fishermen, Halil Sarı's boat appears.

Secondly, the photocopy of an old photograph and the following information note about Burgaz Island are stapled in the corner.

Stapled Note:

The mosque seen in the photo was opened to worship on July 24 in 1954. Its architect is Burhan Ongun. On this cute island, Sait Faik Abasıyanık, one of the greatest story masters of Turkish Literature, the winner of Mark Twain, the famous Marko Pasha, who founded the Burgazada Sanatorium. Dr. Medeni Bey, one of the first female swimmers Cavidan Erbelger and his husband ASSK, founding President Dr. Ahmet Erbelger, Turgut Egemen, who founded the first and only zoo in the island, Ahmet Nafiz Özalp, one of the first TBMM members, and the founder of Baylan Patisserie and Chocolate, Filip Lenas.

ASSK: Island Water Sports Club

TBMM: Grand National Assembly of Turkey

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