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If our agenda is space as a country, let's make an excerpt from Lumieres dans la nuit magazine, published in the book Adalara Çıkmak by İş Bankası Kültür Yayınları and visualized with a beautiful bird's eye view of the islands.

A UFO on the Islands, Lumieres dance la nuit, December 1971

The incident was observed on 7 July 1963 between 21:20 and 02:30 from the sixth floor of an apartment building in Göztepe. Witnesses, Naime Suar and Nazire Sacred, alleged that they had seen at least twelve UFOs. The most spectacular one was that it hovered on Heybeliada for four to five minutes and its dimensions were "as big as the dome of Hagia Sophia or even bigger". Ergün Arıkdal, in his article titled "Enquete a Istanbul" (Research in Istanbul), emphasizes that both witnesses - one chemist and the other a German teacher - are "educated people". Therefore, these people come across as "spiritually balanced, serious people who have never had any psychological problems until that day". Parapsychologist Ergün Bey stated that he examined them and did not observe any situation that would allow them to hallucinate.

The article includes a map visually showing Istanbul and the Islands. On the map, the estimated distance between the point of observation and the point where the UFOs were seen is shown - approximately ten kilometers. Not to mention that it is a full moon. They also put a drawing of the famous UFO in the sky of Heybeliada. Around the UFO is a "ring that looks like a gas formation" and above it, "portholes", like strawberries on a cake. The eyewitness ladies said that they saw "rectangular windows that can be seen with difficulty"!

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