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Otherworldly Night in Burgaz Island with ''Sait Faik''

In Fazıl Say's last book, Written to Water (Suya Yazılan), he told an unforgettable night he lived in Burgaz island, let's listen from him.

In this photo, we are a hundred meters in front of the house where Sait Faik lived and is now a museum. The work I composed for Sait Faik, the great master of our literature, will have a world premiere. A sixty minute boutique project. In the work written by Özen Yula; Demet Evgar, Songül Öden and Esra Bezen Bilgin are in the narrator role, while Zeynep Halvaşi and Serenad Bağcan are soloists.

There is an hour to the concert. We are close to the port of the beautiful Burgaz island. Heybeliada is in front of us ... I'm in thought, I'm waiting for the concert. All the soloists are making their final preparations in the backstage room. Hundreds of art lovers land on every ferry that comes. İKSV prepared a small stage and put around one thousand two hundred chairs.

Before the concert, my team had warned the İKSV staff. ''Beware of! Let's take precautions for light, sound, everything. Let there be a generator. ''

İKSV officials also brought the generator and tested it. And fifteen minutes before the concert, the electricity went out. It was not cut anywhere else in Istanbul, or even on any island. It was cut off in Burgaz island! It got dark. The island turned into a dim darkness. We started the generator. Our only scene was bright. The work started. Actors, singers, and musicians were performing like poetry.

And that night, I had one of the most impressive and romantic concerts of my life. Strange things were happening all the time. My actors were saying "birds", at that time the flock of birds was passing by. My singers were saying '' the ferry is passing '', just then the ferry was passing. Whichever word we use, a force from above was putting it in front of us as a decor. We were saying "wind", a gentle wind was blowing through the piano. Inexplicable things were happening. It was otherworldly. If he or she were there that night, art enemy whoever cut that electricity, would swim to Yalova for fear of the upper powers! It was an unforgettable night.

Fazıl Say - "Sait Faik" - Stage Work, Opus 51, 60 Minutes, 2014 Based on Sait Faik's story "STELYANOS HRISOPULOS SHIP".


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