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Osman Gül Archive

Osman Gül is a special person who loves Burgazada, who has worked for the historical and cultural heritage of Burgazada and shared information and photos about Burgazada on the website.

Longing for home while studying abroad in the years when there was no social media; After returning to Turkey, my longing for summer in the winter; Osman Gül's website was a website that was a little soothing. My blog has certainly inspired as well. Today, the website is not active, but thanks to the archiving! I took screenshots of the website at the time :) Some of these photos are now physically in my archive. A more valuable development than this is that when I reached him on Twitter in the early days of Corona, he immediately forwarded all the backups of his website to me without hesitation. Our connection did not end here, and during our conversation with Ayfer Gul in December, I learned that Osman Gul is the son of Basri Kaptan, one of the legendary captains of our Burgazada, and the brother of Mrs. Afyer. I hope that when the time comes, we will be able to make a Captains series and we will commemorate Basri Kaptan in this series.

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I end with a memory that I heard from Ayfer Gül and reminds us how much similar excitement we had. Osman Gül finds a magazine article about the wolfs in Burgazada and sends it to the country where he lives abroad. There are those who remember, maybe this news was one of my first posts.

Endless thanks for the Burgazada Heritage that he transferred to us digitally.

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