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Nazım Hikmet in Burgaz Island

When Nazım Hikmet was released from prison, he went to Burgaz Island to visit Sait Faik. In this article, I have compiled photos taken from the objective of Vedat Günyol, which I have found in different sources of this historical day.

Haluk Oral, Journey of Nazım Hikmet:

My first encounter with this photograph was with Haluk Oral's book Nazım Hikmet's Journey.

From Pingudu Auction to Haluk Oral Archive:

As a result of my research, I learned that the photo was included in the Haluk Oral Archive as a result of the auction organized by Pingudu Auction on May 6, 2018. Thanks to Haluk Oral, who was kind enough to share his archive, and Aykut Altınelli, owner of Pingudu Auction, for his help.

Efser Berk, Sait Faik, Peride Celal, Nazım Hikmet, Münevver Andaç - Photo: Vedat Günyol - Haluk Oral Archive

In the photo from left to right:

Efser Berk: Cubism artist brings his wife to Turkey Nurullah Berk.

Sait Faik: The most important symbol of Modern Turkish Storytelling and Burgazada. Peride Celal: Famous novelist, very close friend of Münevver Andaç. (As anyone who reads the novel Kırkıncı Oda may notice, Semiha is Peride Celal herself, Ayşe Münevver Andaç, and the writer Nâzım Hikmet.) Nazım Hikmet: Turkish Poet and Writer Münevver Andaç: Nâzım Hikmet's wife after Piraye Altınoğlu is the mother of his own son Memet. He is also the daughter of Nâzım Hikmet's maternal uncle and Nurullah Berk's first wife.

Other photos sold at the same auction:

Yeni Ufuklar Magazine - June 1976 Volume: 24 Issue 273

Yeni Ufuklar magazine, where different photos of the same day are published.

Blue Eyed

Nazım Hikmet Ran's nickname is "Blue Eyed Giant". Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu refers to his Blue Eyes in the lines of his poem Istanbul Epic-2, in which Sait Faik is remembered.

Epic of Istanbul-2, Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu

When I say Istanbul, I think of Sait Faik On the island of Burgaz, a hot gravel is wetted on the shore A boy with blue eyes grows and whirls The old blue-eyed fisherman gets younger,gets smaller,

When these two come together become Sait

They travel all over Istanbul hand in hand, arm in arm, head to head

They swear to friends and family They collect gull eggs in Sivriada with freckles and freckles It is midnight in the Zibâ neighborhood ... The morning passes through Galata In the coffee, they make fun of a harmless madman: -Ula Hasan! they say. You keep the newspaper upside down! ... They burn the end of his newspaper without notice.

Then… they sit down and cry. (…)

Nazım Hikmet narrates Sait Faik:

Nâzım Hikmet talks about Sait Faik in his literary conversation with Gün Benderli Togay and Necil Togay for Budapest Radio.

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