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Marküs Family Archive

Thanks to the archive of the Marküs family, which has been coming to Burgaz island every summer since 1955, consisting of a total of 60 photographs, it was as if I got on a time machine and teleported to the Burgaz island of the past and became a part of the life of this beautiful family. I present to your attention this archive, which sheds light on the history of Burgaz island, which I shared on social media during the summer and autumn seasons, together with the notes I took on it. I would like to thank Yael Allevici (Eti Marküs's daughter) who contacted me and informed me about the family during this process. In addition, I would like to thank each and every one of the Marküs/Menase family, who are not at all bothered by my posts and having the photos, and are happy for their contribution to the Burgaz island archive. #01 Eti Marküs estimated 10 years old 1967. #02 Taken from the building at 10 Gönüllü Street, where the Marküs family lives. It could be Eti Marküs and her husband in the boat. #03 BDK 7.7.56 "Boats are prohibited on this beach" text is visible in the background (Photo: Şahan Beyoğlu) Miriam Marküs, the older sister of Eti Marküs. The handwriting on the back belongs to Hayim Marküs. #04 Beykoz Water Freighter (I shared about Shipper before. The original was joined to my archive for the first time) #05 A historical photo. The building seen in the lower right corner is the customs guard building. Until 1947, customs officers were responsible for the fish caught (thanks @henrikandiyoti for this info). I confirmed this information with the building that appears in box 10 as "Douane" meaning customs in French towards the lower right corner of the Plan de L'ile Antigoni 1910~ map belonging to Cesar Raymund (You can see the image of the map in the photos below). It is rumored that it was later used as a toilet. Orsa, the engine of the late fisherman Istalyo. Further back, on the left, the larger one is Muvakkar Orhon's, the boat's name is Hürriyet and there is a general engine. #06 Burgaz island Mosque #07 Ferries (Şehir Hatları) Suadiye & Maltepe (Deceased Bahattin, who also ran a tavern in Burgaz island, operated the buffet of the Maltepe ferry until his death) #08 Miriam Marküs (May be prepared to go to the August 30 children's ball as a gypsy) #09 Miriam Marküs BDK sea pool. #10 Zelda Marküs (Mother of Miriam and Eti Marküs) Gönüllü Street No:10 top floor construction #11 Gönüllü Street No:10 #12 Gönüllü Street No:10 is under construction. The garden of the late Medeni Ömer Bey, the old sanatorium. #13 First place: Gülsen Koşkun Adana Demir Sports Club, Second Miriam Marküs A.S.S.K. The years when Adana Demirspor did not fit into the pools. #14 A.S.S.K. Miriam Marküs. On the far right, the referee is Semra Serim (wife of Saffan/Safvan Serim, who has a lot of good works for swimming sport). Nurhan Aydın in the referee behind Miriam Milliyet Newspaper #15-24 A.S.S.K. The trampoline

#25 A.S.S.K. The medal ceremony could be Sabiha the second, Sofula the third. #26-27 August 1960 Miriam Marküs & Eti Marküs #28 August 1960 Hayim Marküs & Red growler #29-31 Burgaz island İndos 1958 Marküs family #32-33 Leaving Burgaz 1959 Hayim Marküs ⠀ #34 İndos 1958 Table and chairs of İndos Casino in the background #35-36 November 1959 #37 April 1960 İndos Hill. The tree still standing. #38 & 39 Marküs family. Evinrude outboard motor dinghy. #40-41 Burgaz Şen Yuva Eti Bebek August 1957⠀ #42-45 Marküs Sisters Summer 1958. Toy horse. #46 1960 Zelda Marküs & Eti Marküs #47 Sandal Pleasure #48 BDK sea pool #49 1961 Marküs sisters #50-51 Club Time 16:05 (Photo Atlas Beyoğlu) #52 Marküs family #53 Zelda Marküs' older brother Hayim Menase 1960 #54 Zelda Marküs & Miriam Marküs #55 Zelda Marküs April 1961 #56 The Marküs family is at a picnic. Wind-up propeller/helicopter toy made of wire and paper. #57 Boatman in a hat rowing on the side of the saddlebag. The name Şahin (Falcon) can be seen on the boat. Sun umbrella. #58 An ancient photograph on the rocks of Büyükada #59 An old ottoman script photograph dated 1927. It may belong to the older generations. #60 The oldest photo in the collection. It may belong to the older generations. The dresses are magnificent.

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